this fun and playful photo set involves me and Bianca Stone filling each others holes with butt plug tails,


and then Bianca using an inflatable dildo to loosen up my asshole, before giving my face and ass a good hard fucking with a large strap on.


It was so much fun! You can click here to see the preview of this photo set up now on



Finally got some time in the studio again after a long long hiatus . Shot a bunch of content of me solo and also me with my wife, and a 3 way with Proxy Paige. I really missed porn all these years, grateful to everyone who expressed well wishes and encouragement over the years. Hope you enjoy the new smut on my site.



Sorry I had to go away so long. Had to take time off for personal reasons, and I hope very soon to be posting some new content for everyone to enjoy.

Mandy and Bianca

Mandy and Bianca

Here’s a photo of me and my sweetheart Bianca Stone, we’ll be shooting together a bit in these upcoming months, so that’s something to look forward to. Thank you for your patience.

love Mandy


Some of the best sex has auspicious origins. Hazy nights with too much alcohol, mornings with throbbing headaches and far too much confusion, sometimes don’t totally suck. Sometimes you wake up next to someone really hot. Someone like Sasha Sweet.

I’m in an overpriced hotel in San Diego, listening to music thats been absent my life for far too long, awake when I probably should be asleep. I haven’t written anything in my blog in so long and I feel like I owe it to people to check in.

I’ve been on the west coast for the last month or so; Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, spent a bit a time in each and every one. Doing what I do. Traveling, visiting people, making porn, being weird.

I guess mostly I’ve been in California,  only my stubborn Taurus nature keeps me from claiming residence.  There was the tranny awards, I wore a disco unitard because I was trying to impress a girl I had a crush on and she liked it better than the black dress I was going to wear. There are lots of pictures on the internet it seems from that night, because I won a couple awards they are easy to find. So I won 2 awards at the 4th annual Tranny Awards “Best non typical model” and for the second year in a row “Best Solo-website”. I didn’t really prepare an acceptance speech, mostly because I’m superstitious and to prepare a speech in my mind is akin to kissing any sort of win out the window. So I kinda stumbled on stage like a deer in the headlights, albeit a really tall and sexy one, and made some sort of attempt to be funny or cute or snarky I don’t know. I was kind of preoccupied with the girl I had brought as my date, which in hindsight was probably unfair to everyone -fans, friends, co-workers, date- but I dunno I just want what I want when I want it and I can be stubborn. Anyways, the awards were a lot of fun, it was nice to be surrounded by friends, co-workers, peers, fans – all under one roof. Winning felt nice because I work really hard & most of the time just feel like there’s not enough of a payoff to put so much of myself into making porn. But when people tell me how much they like my work and encourage me it reminds me that porn can make a lot of people happy, so not to get so down on it.

The next day I made my first appearance on Playboy radio, which I guess probably was heard by more people than read this blog, but more importantly introduced me to 2 very cool women, Debbi Diamond & Niki Hunter. I was only there for like 10 minutes and I was getting caned by Niki. I know I’m a perv, but I am totally secretly fantasizing about playing with her, I want her to beat me. Anyways…. Debbi Diamond kinda seems to have a really similar approach to kink as I do and that was a trip ( a good trip). I rarely meet other pain sluts that perv on things in a way that I feel applies to me so that was pretty rad. I got so horny I forgot to be nervous or even self conscious and I was kinda bummed when it was time for me to leave hot smart lady radio town.

After the awards were over and my date left town I kinda bounced around LA visiting friends and eventually was blessed by life with a lovely suite downtown, a kingsize bed, & the company of 2 of my favorite co-stars Sparky and Proxy, and we all kinda ran around for a little bit together. That was really lovely because those 2 make me really happy and horny, and I ended up shooting a couple movies that turned out nicely. I didn’t end up shooting with Sparky though, I shot with a girl named Sasha Sweet and also with Proxy.

I had been wanting to shoot a scene with Sasha for some time, she was, like Proxy, a girl that was originally recommended to me by Jay Sin. He thought I would really like her, and he kinda has my interests pegged. Speaking of Jay Sin… TS Playground is now out! I’m in 3 scenes in this movie, other than my own website I’ve never cared so much about a project I’ve worked on and I’m really fucking honored to be a part of it.

Shooting with Jay was utterly sublime, I’ve never really been so much on the same page as someone as I was with him and it really shows. So that’s that.

Ok so I made a movie with Sasha about random hookups, hangover sex, & its really lovely. It was shot by Nate Liquor and was a total change of pace from my sexploit films of the recent past. It’s probably gonna be up on my site sometime in the next 24 hours.

The next day I had a content trade booked that fell through, so I booked Proxy for a night time buttfuck movie and it was totally wild and raunchy. I’m such a lucky lucky dog. Visually I think many of you are really gonna dig both of these movies because they are just really aesthetically pleasing. There’s definitely some really raunchy moments, but the focus this time was more on enjoyable sex in a beautiful place.

After I finished those movies I kinda went road trip wild & drove up and down California for no particular reason. I guess after a couple weeks I was really missing Hollie Stevens so I drove up to SF and spent a night at her place, went out to breakfast in the morning and drove right back to LA.

So….that’s a for real blog entry. If you’ve read this far you really are dedicated or at least easily entertained. Sorry I am not putting any dirty photos up or anything, but my website has some really cool updates on the way.

Lots of love, encouragement and gratitutde.

So after a really dispiriting December (that I need not get into) January has been kinda totally rad! I’m back on the road again, in New York City right now visiting friends and making sexy time. I shot some badass porn in Chicago with Adrianna Nicole, CJ and the lovely Jas Jewels behind the camera. These photos right here are proof that in spite of a blizzard and shitty winter weather, adventure just makes me sexy as fuck. Keep your eyes pealed cause this monster is taking the freakshow on the road once again!


If you are not a member of my site what is your problem? it’s only 25$ and it enables my sex addiction. Don’t you wanna support that good cause?

I don’t care what anybody thinks or says I am totally sold on the sexiness of a hot steaming rosebud.

This is so cool.



This is really all that is required to make me so very happy in life. This week’s first update is a nice pictorial depiction of a night of much debauchery with Amber Rayne and Alysa. Thanks to my compulsive need to have sex with incredible people at any cost you can enjoy me acting like a total pussy pig. It’s hot.






Starting out 2012 with a bang! Here’s a clip from the most recent update on that I did with Roxy Raye . If you are not familiar with Roxy by now you need to check out her site and some of the amazing scenes she’s done for Jay Sin. Roxy and I talked briefly a year ago when Hollie Stevens and I were passing through Florida. At the time I didn’t really know her or anything about her (because I live under a rock) and I kinda forgot all about the idea of shooting with her. Then I started hanging out a bunch with Jay Sin and he spoke very highly of her, very very highly. I don’t remember which one of us got back in touch with the other, but Roxy and I started to formulate plans to shoot a scene together. After months of planning I drove to Florida and met up with Roxy and Jay to make porno magic!

We got a rad suite on the beach and spent a magical weekend enjoying the ocean and making hot porn. Roxy is an incredible woman, she’s smart, beautiful, and deeply deeply perverse. This scene (especially the 2nd part) really pushed me into realms of sexuality that I have never really explored before and for that I’m very thankful.

2012 is going to be a fantastic year for !

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