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Yesterday I decided it was time for me to start getting in shape again. So for the first time since I busted my ankle in early June I pushed myself to go on a good long hike. I climbed 8 miles with Sarah (who recently got glasses and is looking super hot!) to the top of a mountain. I was still a little sore from a bondage shoot I did on Sunday, and by the end of the hike my hips were very angry at me. Today I’m feeling it. I woke up and did some yoga, which definitely helped work out some of the soreness, but still….ouch! I had so much fun, it feels great to have my health back and some free time to enjoy it. Here are a couple photos taken of me at the summit, I look like a big dork but that is to be expected on an 8 mile climb up a mountain. At the summitat the summit 2

So right now on Shemale club you can find my first Bareback scene with a guy, ever. Not even my first time on camera, this is actually the first time I ever let a guy fuck me without a condom. I’m not sure why I chose this moment in particular to go bagless, just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I’ve been treated so well by Shemale Club I thought it would be perfect to use my debut hardcore scene on Shemale Club as an opportunity to try something new. I had so much fun shooting this scene and I think it looks really hot. Here are a couple photos from the shoot, I hope you like them.

I have never created a twitter account. Whomever is pretending to be me has really pissed me off. Really pretending to be me just to get affiliate traffic is a pretty tacky thing to do.

Please do the right thing and cut it the fuck out.

Today I had a fantastic end to my week of shoots. I did a dom/sub scene with Aly Sinclair and began training her to serve my every whim. I tortured her titties with clamps, taped her to a pole, fucked her face in front of a window on a crowded street then caned and flogged her when she failed to follow orders.

Aly was a great submissive and I thought this scene was extremely beautiful. It will be appearing soon on my site, and her site when it launches (

As far as I’m aware, I’m one of the few American TS shooting lesbian femdom scenes and I’m really pleased to add this to my site. 🙂

Aly is a great girl I hope you like her. Caning Alycowering before Mistress Mandy

I’ve been having a killer week in Los Angeles. I shot a smoking hot three way on Monday for America’s Next Top Tranny 5, and I’ve been shooting all week for my site and Shemaleclub. I’ve been super busy and I’ll have more time to share about my trip very soon.

For now here are a couple of hot photos from my photo shoot today with Violet. It was such a fun shoot, Violet was a great time and the photos turned out really sexy. So here are a couple, I’m a flight attendant and Violet is a cop. I’ll let your mind wonder about what crazy scenario that might involve.



This set and many more will be appearing on my site in the very near future.

Well I’m in San Fransisco for the weekend, partly hanging out with friends and partly doing family stuff with my girlfriends parents. I’ve been having a blast although the neighbors in my hotel woke me up at 6 am by loudly complaining that nothing was open this early. That was annoying.

Last night I went to a show at the Eagle for Homo A Gogo (a queer music festival), I didn’t watch any of the bands but I did get to hang out with a bunch of my friends, which was awesome since I’ve been pretty low key all summer. Friends are great!

Low + The Dirty Three is an album of pure genius. I had forgotten about this album and a friend just put the record on. It’s cold and rainy, a welcome change after a heat wave that belonged in the Mojave Desert (certainly not the Pacific Northwest). Perfect weather for listening to this album.

Things were much better today. The mechanic couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong with my car, seems like maybe a large rock had lodged in the wheel well? If that is the case I will be very releived.

I got to meet up and hang out with some friends of mine who are visiting on tour from New York and LA and hook them up with another friend of mine who is looking for gigs and hopefully they will all be doing a show tomorrow night. I was feeling very stressed out about my upcoming trip and my car woes, but hanging out with friends made me feel excited about going on a road trip and seeing people I’ve missed.

Today my car started making a terrible noise, like a rollercoaster climbing slowly. I’m afraid the repair might be more money than the car is worth. Sigh, I love that little car but I think I’m going to have to abandon it. Guess I’ll be sharing a car with my sweetie until I can get a new one. Thumbs down.

I can’t help it. Just thought I would share that tidbit of info with the world. Rachmaninoff makes me horny.

On to other news. Today I watched the Watchmen, well at least the second half of it, I tried to watch it last night but I fell asleep. Prognosis: What a waste of a movie, no wonder Alan Moore didn’t want to be associated with it. I was bored so I decided to spend much of the movie exercising my pc muscles, which only made me lightheaded and horny. Finally I gave up and just jerked off through much of the second half of it. That is what I often do when a movie is a bust, at least I end up getting some pleasure out of it.

So now I get back to playing the piano, and trying to make sense of Rachmaninoffs Preludes.