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Recently a friend of mine told me about a hot submissive lesbian TS in San Fransisco that had done some amatuer porn but never any professional porn and introduced the two of us. I thought she was very beautiful, with a vivacious personality and similar sexual interests as me, so I decided to set up a scene with her.

I drove down to San Fransisco and met Juliette for lunch where we ate some kickass Ethiopean food in Berkley and got to know each other. I was shocked after we got to talking that she had never been in the TS porn industry and she explained to me that she always felt like her being into women would be a problem. So…being the resident TS lesbian around I jumped on the opportunity and quickly set a date.


Unlike most girls who are making their foray into porn, Juliette wasn’t just going to do a solo scene, or even a normal hardcore scene. She wanted to be dominated completely. I was more than happy to oblige.

In this movie Juliette is bound, partially suspended, caned, spanked, throat fucked mercilessly, and then fucked in the ass. It is so hot, and I’m so very excited to introduce all of you to her. She’s the perfect mix of charming and filthy and I think she has a wonderful future ahead of her in the TS porn world.

The footage and photos will be up on my site very soon. New models being turned into porn stars, hot!



What a crappy movie.

I was very excited when I found out that two of my favorite TS porn stars from the east coast (Aly Sinclair and Tara Emory) would be converging on LA at the same time. When I found this out I made arrangements to spend a week in LA (the fruits of which are evident on my site) and had the good fortune of hanging out quite a bit with both of these ladies all week long. I had been looking forward to seeing what would do if it ever got the chance to shoot either Tara or Aly and I wasn’t dissapointed.

I’ve shot more with these two girls recently than just about anyone else, Tara and I had several scenes in her upcoming feature “Uranus Needs Shemales” and Aly and I shot 2 scenes together in LA recently (one for America’s Next Top Tranny 5, and one for our sites), so you probably guessed that I think these gals are hot stuff. Smoking hot, and great people to hang out with too. Aly launches her new site soon, and I’ll keep you posted on that.

Here are a couple sneek peeks at Tara and Aly’s shoots on Shemale Club. I’d just like to point out that I’m the first person who stuck that bejeweled butt-plug up Aly’s ass when she submitted to me (the hot video of that can be seen on my site and hers when it launches).

Ok, I’m not really a schoolgirl, and I have no intention of going back to school anytime soon. But in celebration of other people returning to school I thought this week would be a great time for some slutty schoolgirl photos. This set went up on my site today and I think some of the photos are pretty hot. I play with my feet, my butthole, and my cock all for your enjoyment. Hope you enjoy them 🙂


slutty shemale schoolgirl

Today I downloaded the sheet music for some of my favorite Nick Cave songs, and have been playing them with my sweetie and another friend. We make a very lovely little trio, me on piano, my sweetie playing guitar and singing, and my friend R playing the accordion. One would even call the scene idyllic, beautiful day in the country with good music. I’m already making plans for my next trip to LA, some big things in store. 🙂

I don’t often feel the urge to blog about other girls websites or movies, but on the rare occasion that something noteworthy happens I’m not above it. Natassia Dreams. What a babe. I first learned about her from another director when I was shooting Summer Girls Some are Not 7, he told me about this hot TS named Natassia who was also castrated (just like me). Ever since then I’ve paid attention to her, though I’ve never met her. Natassia has always struck me as a pretty cool lady from her writings on line, and some of the movies I’ve had a chance to see that have her in them.

Anyways, I’m really excited that she is now a part of the Network, which means that for everyone who signs up for the $35 pass to the network they now get Natassia’s site as well.

Or you could always just go and join her site and support her that way.

Natassia if you happen to read this, I think you are stunning and I’d love to do a scene with you sometime soon.