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This is my friend Hazel.

I like her, she’s smart, fun, and a super hot natural TS. Hazel has been setting the TS porn world on fire since she appeared last year on Shemaleyum and then in her own Feature Film “Hazel Does Hollywood”. Over the last year I’ve had the great fortune to get to know this lady a little bit and I think very highly of her. I’ve long wondered what the talented photographers at Shemale Club would do if they ever got the chance to shoot her and it looks like I finally have my answer. Hazel looks super hot in her tight purple dress, a must for Hazel Tucker fans.

In case you somehow missed the news, Hazel also recently launched her own site which is the first solo site run by Grooby and looks to be fantastic. Hazel is a very hardworking and creative babe and I bet her site is going to be fantastic. Plus, she has Buddy Wood shooting content for her, and he’s definitely good at making hot porn. Congratulations Hazel and everyone at Grooby, the new site looks great.

I’m back home in the Pacific Northwest after a grueling 2 week roadtrip (3,350 miles in my car) in which I shot a ton of new and highly original content for my site. I shot a couple of solo scenes as well as a hardcore scene with my friend Muffy, who is 8 months pregnant.


I originally met Muffy about a year ago at a bar, she was rolling around on the floor making out with my friend Eve and I gave her a ride home from the bar. After that we became friends and I had a nice little crush on her. Hot and smart always gets me.  A couple months went by and she told me she was pregnant (she had been trying to conceive when we met) and mentioned that she thought it would be fun to do something with me when she was further along in her pregnancy. Well, 7 months went by and I kind of forgot all about it. Then I bumped into her at the Folsom St. fair, and she mentioned that she was still interested in shooting a scene with me if I was interested. Of course I was!


It took me a while to find a director who was willing to shoot us, but eventually we settled on having Danielle Foxx shoot the scene. Danielle made alot of sense, she had worked with both Muffy and I in the past when she was shooting content for Sammy Mancini and we both enjoyed working with her. Lately I’ve been really into working on movies with all women cast and crew. First my scene with Juliette then this scene with Muffy. I feel like I’m more relaxed and able to enjoy the sexual energy present. Anyways, Muffy and I shot a killer scene and it will be up on my site soon.
As far as I’m aware this is the first Tranny/pregnant woman porn, at least I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it. I could be wrong.

If you want to see more of Muffy, she also shot a scene with Syd Blackovitch for a movie Madison Young is producing on pregnant sexuality. That is sure to be hot as well, and will be released through Good Vibrations (I think)


Photos and video will be up on soon.

If you have followed my blog, or my pornographic career at all you probably know that I love being tightly bound in challenging positions. One of the most recent updates for features me in a variety of positions enduring various levels of torture. 🙂 I had so much fun, what a rush.

Here are a couple sneak peeks for you. Once my nipple was tied to my tongue things got crazy, if I tried to relieve the pressure on my nipples it pulled my tongue and vice versa. I really enjoy fetish modeling, maybe even more than I do shooting hardcore.

I would like to register my disapproval. Bombing the moon is a bad idea. The end is nigh, tomorrow if we are not dodging moon fragments I will be shooting some exciting new content for my site. Tonight I will have troubled dreams about the moon exploding. NASA you are wrong.

I’m getting ready for yet another road trip. I’m leaving early tomorrow morning to drive back down to LA, stopping in San Fransisco for a couple nights on my way down and probably on my way back as well.

I’ll be shooting some cool new material for my site, and maybe for someone else as well. We shall see.

Normally I would be worn out by all this traveling, but I’ve been having so much fun I don’t really mind. I do enjoy having long days on the road to myself, just listening to music and plotting porn masterpieces in my mind.

I will have more to share, soon. 🙂

Maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet while travelling can be very challenging. Over the last month or so I’ve been traveling so much I started to skip meals more than I should and lost weight I really didn’t want to. When I got home my housemates, lover and friends began a process of meat seduction. They told me that the iron in meat would heal my bruises (from a caning at Folsom), that it would make me strong again. I was feeling so weak, so tired that I caved. I did something I haven’t done in 15 years, I ate red meat. I was assured that it was grass fed, locally grown beef, so it probably wasn’t from a feedlot in central California. Damn, it made me feel so good. But now I feel dirty, even sinful. Will the animals no longer trust me? Will my vegetarian friends disown me?

Sarah has assured me that it can be just a temporary thing, eating meat to regain my strength and then returning to my normal diet of vegetarian fare, but I’m not sure I even want to. Bad Mandy Mitchell.

I want live music while I shoot my movies is that too much to ask? Every time I listen to my friend Walt’s band “Why are we building such a big ship” all I can think of is how awesome it would be to have them playing in a music porn. Awesome for me at least.

I’m obsessed with their 2007 album No Blood No Blooms, can’t stop listening.


Last weekend I visited San Fransisco for the Folsom St. Fair (maybe I even met a few of you?) and I ended up doing something I’ve never done before, which is walk around naked in a public space. I certainly wasn’t the only person there naked, but I was definitely the only naked tranny. It was kind of crazy, it felt amazing to just not give a fuck and be proud of myself rather than being ashamed of my body. Often times when I’m at sex parties I’m kind of reserved and don’t like to make people uncomfortable, which is a fairly common experience with TS women in pervy communities. But when my friend offered to make me a pretty rope dress, I couldn’t resist, and it felt kind of amazing to just be myself.  Over and over people would look at me and smile because they liked my outfit (a rope dress) and then their eyes would slowly go down and once they saw my cock they would freak out. I was kind of shocked at how many people were unfamiliar with trans women, but I guess many of them did not know that TS don’t all have implants and tons of cosmetic surgery, so they just couldn’t fathom that I was a tranny even when the evidence was literally in front of their faces. I ran into several friends who had never seen me naked, that was funny. Alot of cute girls introduced themselves to me, I wish I had been willing to split with my friends for a while to explore my options….but oh well things worked out for the best. I’ll probably have strange dreams about some of the people I met, that I never will see again, those are some of my favorite. Anyways…..

Later on in the night I ended up back at some friends house and had a very nice time indeed. I will think back fondly on all the sordid moments for some time.

I think I’m being seduced by San Fransisco and plan on finding a place there this winter. My problem is that I’m unwilling to give up my beautiful little house in the country and my romantic life with my super hot girlfriend. So…the plan is that I’ll find a place I can live part time in California, preferably somewhere with a piano and no cats, and then I’ll continue living part time in the Pacific Northwest. A girl can dream….