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Last night I came home after a fun night partying and decided I would look at craigslist casual encounters to see if there was anyone interesting I might share a nightcap with. I was shocked to learn that Craigslist has no category for TS who like women. They have an m4t section, a t4m section, even an mw (man and woman) for t section, but no w4t (women seeking TS). I know for a fact I am not the only TS in the world who likes to date women, and certainly there are many women who like to fuck trans people. Even stranger when you consider how many FTM date women and vice versa. So why such a glaring error on Craigslist behalf?

I deserve a chance to have casual hookups with hot babes just as much as the next pervy girl. Craigslist you must repent.

I moved to San Francisco and left my piano behind. I miss it, I hear it misses me too. It is ok because my piano and I are in an open relationship and soon I will find a new piano to occupy my time while I’m away. Wonder what it is I practice during the long dark nights? I’ve been obsessed with this piece by Listz for a very long time, I miss it.

I would be eternally greatful if you could construct a travel device that would be a door from my bedroom in San Fransisco to my lovers bedroom in the woods. I will do anything for the scientist inventor who can make this fantasy a reality.


I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack from “where the wild things are”. I was into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for a brief moment about 7 years ago but my friends played them so much I couldn’t bear to hear them anymore. Don’t get me wrong I had some very nice all night drives through bum fuck Arkansas screaming at the top of my lungs along to their songs, but its been a good while since I’ve even thought about them. Then I saw where the Wild things are, the movie was visually stunning but slow, the soundtrack haunted me though. So I picked it up and I’m obsessed. If you want a little peek into the noises in my brain check it out. Or go see the movie and think of me. πŸ™‚

Thanks to everyone who sent me messages welcoming me to San Fransisco. In answer to all your questions I’m enjoying life immensely and it is great to be in a real city again.

I’ve been hanging out in the mission all day, had a cancellation and decided to go record shopping, ended up picking up the new Flaming Lips Album and a re-release of old Phyllis Dillon classics by Trojan records. I sure do love good music and fun people. πŸ™‚

I arrived in San Fransisco, my new city, yesterday. It is quite an adjustment to think about living in a city full time after 3 years spent on a little farm in the country. Anyways, I have decided to start seeing clients on a very limited basis in SF. If you are a fan and have always wanted an opportunity to meet me, now is definitely the time to get in touch.

I can’t seem to get enough of hot MILFs. Here is a photo from a set Violet and I did together. The photos are really hot, thought I’d share some with everyone since its been awhile . Make sure to sign up for my website and support my blatant lesbianism and overall sluttery.

Mandy Mitchell fucks Violet Milfhouse raw

Mandy Mitchell fucks Violet Milfhouse raw

P.S for all those who have been waiting dilligently, the video with me and Muffy should be up today or tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I’m leaving my peaceful life in the country with my lover Sarah and moving to San Fransisco to further focus on my career.Β  Sarah and I have lived together for the last 5 years (we just celebrated our 5th anniversery a couple days ago) and I’m really nervous about living without her. We will still see each other frequently, but who will keep my bed warm at night when we are apart? I miss her already and I haven’t even finished packing.

On the other hand, I’m so excited to be leaving the country and moving back to a city. Driving back and forth from the Pac NW everyΒ  month has been driving me insane. I’ll be much closer to LA and hopefully I’ll be able to tap into the large pool of talented pervs in SF for my site as well.

Recently Wendy Williams interviewed me via email and she has posted the interview on her blog. Thanks for doing this Wendy!
Pushing Boundaries in Shemale Porn: an interview with Mandy Mitchell

Feel free to post any follow up questions. πŸ™‚

I found this post Buddy Wood did a while back which has a really nice photo of me, Aly Sinclair, Tara Emory and Hazel Tucker. I sure do like those ladies. πŸ™‚