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Princess Donna is an incredible woman. She runs 2 phenomenal websites for Kink (Wired and Public is a true superstar of the BDSM porn world.

cattleprod trial

I’ve always been impressed by her intelligence, cruelty, style and all around drop dead gorgeousness.
For quite some time I’ve wanted an opportunity to sub for her, though lacking a pussy I knew my chances of ever doing it at Kink were highly unlikely. Fortunately she was able to make a rare appearance outside of Kink to shoot for my website.


I think its pretty cool that I’m the first and only trans girl she’s ever dominated on screen before. Shooting with her was so much fun. It was really lovely to have such a brilliant and beautiful woman pushing my buttons and bringing me to levels of pain, fear and intense pleasure that I had never quite experienced before.

cattleprod spark

I played really hard in this scene, much harder than I normally do on camera (maybe harder than I ever will again) and it is not for those who are turned off by BDSM, pain, bruising, etc… But for the record: I truly loved every moment of this shoot, and would happily do it again (though maybe not for a couple of weeks, cause I’m kind of sore right now)


Expect to see the first photo set on my site in a few days.

Todays update features photos from the 3rd scene Syd Blakovich and I shot in a Sauna. After she had fucked my silly brains out it seemed like a good idea to return the favor. Fortunately in a Sauna, cause it was cold outside and I was soaking wet from all of her cum. I ended up fisting Syd and toe fucking her while she jerked off (something I haven’t done nearly enough of). Messy and fun.

Syd Blakovich cruising Mandy Mitchell

Mandy Mitchell Fisting Syd Blakovich


I’m back in LA, but I’m not planning any shoots for the weekend. Now that I’m here, I’m actually kind of excited that I’m just here to hang out and enjoy the tranny award ceremony. I didn’t win anything, (I was nominated in 3 categories, which is kinda cool) but Buddy Wood convinced me awhile back when he shot me and Juliette Stray with Amy Daly. So…..I ended up driving down here with my friend Kimberly Kills (who is in todays video update getting tortured, hot stuff) and we had a really lovely late night ride. I’m not really tired, and its 3:30 in the morning. I have to move my car at 9, I’m going to be a zombie at the party tomorrow night. Hopefully people won’t care because I’m such a graceful social creature. so that’s my story. Sign up for my website, support my work (I really put my heart and soul into it) enjoy your lives, enjoy your bodies, and say hi if you see me at the awards ceremony.

love mandy

Syd Chokes Mandy

Here is a hot little preview clip from part 1 of my shoot with Syd Blakovich. This gives a pretty accurate indication of what the scene is like. Messy and fun. Sometimes I crack myself up with the things that I say during sex. I love getting my makeup all messed up.