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Just thought I would let folks know that my website now offers streaming options for all my vids, so for those that don’t want to wait for downloads a better option is finally here. Cuz I love my members.


I just finished a lovely day of shooting with Hollie Stevens and Juliette Stray. Juliette introduced me to Hollie a while back and ever since I’ve been planning a date to get them both in the studio. Hollie is such a babe, I’m really glad Juliette introduced us, and shooting with both of them was good fun.


I thought this was a particularly funny segment of my shoot with Princess Donna that my company chose to use for promotional purposes.


Princess Donna had just asked me why I wanted so badly to shoot with her (which I did, I had been pursuing her for a long time) and my only response was that I felt compelled. Which was also true. Anyways, I told her the truth which was that I wanted to shoot with her because she was smart and mean, oops, I forgot to include that she’s fucking hot. She makes me pay. She also leaves a clod of dirt on my face from her boot, ha ha.

Some people may be wondering why I’ve been shooting so many BDSM scenes lately. The truth is, it is the way I most enjoy expressing my sexuality and I find it incredibly fulfilling both mentally and physically. I enjoy playing both as a dominant and as a submissive and the element of trust and creativity involved in both roles is very hot to me. So BDSM is a huge part of my private sex life and I’ve been trying to incorporate it more and more into the material that I produce.

This has been more of a challenge then most people would think. Primarily because the TS niche has never had any companies who openly produce authentic BDSM content. Sure sites like TS Seduction and Transexdomination play around with the asthetics of BDSM, occasionally incorporating bondage and small amounts of pain play, but neither delved very deeply into TS as anything more than a vehicle to confuse straight guys gender identities. To make matters even more depressing for a pervert switch like myself, TS are only ever cast as dominants on these sites who coax guys into taking it up the butt (which I have complicated feelings about) and never as submissives and definitely never with other women.

I believe that TS women are so much more than this though. Yes, we provide a valuable disruption to gender norms that exist in most straight peoples sex lives and can have a profound impact on the people who become interested in us. But we also are women with fantasies, fears, hopes and dreams of our own and my priority has always been to capture this.

In my private life I’m a switch, which means I like to play with both dominance and submission. In my career as a porn star I’ve mostly worked in dom roles (within a BDSM context) but over the last six months I’ve been slowly introducing myself within a submissive context as well. It feels vulnerable to admit this to the mostly vanilla world of TS porn, but I’m a masochist. I love pain. Not always of course, I don’t want any random stranger to punch me in the face (obviously). But within the proper setting, pain inflicted with intent drives me out of my mind.

So back to playing with Princess Donna. Before we shot I was really interested in casting her as the Devil and having her collect my soul, really she is like my fantasy of what the Devil should be. 🙂 But when the day of the shoot came around I realized that I just wanted to play with her and I didn’t really wanna futz about with a clunky plot when what I really desired was for her to inflict godlike amounts of pain and terror on me and of course fuck me silly. So I just told her to enjoy herself at my expense, and the result was gruesome and fantastic.

Sharing this material with the world makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. I lose my composure and scream and howl. I lose my voice. I look messy and not very pretty after awhile. I get covered in bruises and filth. I know this is not what most people are turned on by, and that it is pretty extreme even by BDSM porn standards. But this filth, this pain and suffering, this vulnerability; it is so hot to me. I like that in this role I cannot present myself as a fantasy of beauty and poise. I show myself  for who I really am and that is both beautiful and terrifying.

So I hope people enjoy this, and please sign up for my site. It is really the best way to encourage my endeavours as a porn maker. I really hope to continue producing TS content that introduces radical new understandings of trans women and our sexualities.


Great news. Legendary Transexual pornstar Olivia Love now has her own website and it is now part of the TGirl Network which you can join for 35.99 and access my website as well as all the other models who run sites through the Network (such as Kimber James, Mia Isabella, Jesse, Natassia Dreams, Ashley George, etc…)

Either way be sure to check Olivia’s site out. She’s a total babe and her site is going to be awesome.