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I know the movie has been up for a while, but for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, heres a lovely trailer.

I’m in the process of re-designing my tour and I thought I’d share a couple of trailers with folks that will eventually end up on the tour.

The first video is one of Princess Donna using me as her toy


It has been a while since I’ve posted anything here, twitter has totally sucked my brain out. I’ve also been out of SF for the last week visiting my sweetheart and playing a ton of music in the country.

So heres the update on my life.

10 days ago I turned 29 years old. Wow, that crept up on me. Crazy year, full of good, mostly. For my birthday I decided to make a movie about my birthday, which was kind of postmodern. By postmodern I mean the act of making a fantasy movie about ones birthday on ones birthday is kind of postmodern, or at least I think it is.

Anyways, the thing that is so bizarre to me about birthdays is that you can pretty much demand whatever the fuck you want out of people and they will probably oblige you. So…I thought my birthday would be an excellent time to shoot a movie that Hollie Stevens and I had been scheming to make.


It involved Kim Kills, a horse costume and accompanying 3 ft 8lb cock, a farm, birthday cake , Hollie Stevens, bondage, myself and the nature. Oh, and then some weird SM that was kind of mean and personal which made it really fun, and sex with Hollie which is also fun. I’ll probably write more about this soon because the shoot was really amazing and deserves to be dealt with properly.

Then…I celebrated my birthday with friends off camera and promptly decided to go see my girlfriend and atone for my sins and do nice things and play chopin. And garden.

Oh yeah, so here’s whats been going on with my website. Just released the third video of my shoot with Princess Donna, hot stuff. Bondage, severe whipping, hard throat fucking, ass fucking with hands and strap on, lovely gaping butthole, such tender moments to share with you. I look like shit by the end of it, but I think that its hot when girls get demolished and look like it, so I hope you do too. Donna looks pretty the whole time though, so at least one girl is pretty the whole time. That is my compromise to the world and my promise: 50% of the models in my scenes or more will look hot all the time. Deal?


Also recently posted videos of a 3 way with Hollie Stevens and Juliette Stray (babes!) as well as a video with just Hollie and myself. So you know, lots of hot pervy women banging and having kinky sex with my own subtle sense of sarcasm, humor and visual style thrown in the mix. Thats what I like. Give me your money and I will do it more.

Not on my website, but on another porn site, a competitor (ghasp!)s site I shot a rocking 3 way with Juliettte and Kimberly where I play the piano ( badly ) while getting a blowjob. That’s on go buy that scene and tell me how it is, the trailer looks cool and the sex was definitely hot. You’ve seen both of those gals on my site a bunch, now watch what other directors have them do.

I will be leaving the Portland area on Friday to go back to San Francisco where exciting times are sure to come.