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I’m not gonna lie. I’m still too braindead from all the shooting to really give a good recap, but heres the quick low down.

Summer in SF was cold and I was kinda miserable. My girlfriend told me that the weather in the Pacific Northwest was hot and perfect, so I packed a suitcase and headed north. While up there I was so enamored that I convinced Hollie Stevens and Sparky Sin Claire to come up and shoot with me at the Twisted Cedar Estates. Then I ended up with a crazy 7 days of shooting Hollie, Sparky and several SMC girls. It was amazing, and worth going into detail soon.

The first set of photos from that shoot has gone up, hope ya like em. It’s me, Hollie, and Morgan Bailey. This shoot will be available on both mine and Morgans site. Never been tied to anyone before, this scene was hot, and fun.

I bet you never thought of tranny cuckolding. No, not a tranny cuckolding a dude, but a hot TS being cuckolded. Well, something like that happens in this video.

I admit, sometimes I’m evil. Especially when Hollie Stevens is involved. Kimberly Kills had a huge crush on Hollie Stevens, which both Hollie and I knew. So for my birthday we flew Kim to SF to shoot a light BDSM/humiliation scene with her crush Hollie. Little did Kim know what we had in store for her.

This is probably one of my favorite movies ever, certainly one of the funniest and strangest TS porn movies ever made.


Here is a trailer for the first shoot I ever did with Hollie Stevens, it was a 3 way with her and Juliette Stray. Juliette introduced Hollie and I to each other, and for that I will forever be in her debt. This was a hot scene, 2 hot TS fucking one of the hottest females alive. Dirty,dirty,dirty.


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As promised, I have more trailers for curious horny minds to peruse. This time its from a date that the phenomenal Hollie Stevens and I had at a cute boutique hotel right before SF pride. We decided to start things off in style. As with all my movies there is a story behind everything. The fiddler? Kinda weird, but we used to hop freight trains together in another life and he would occasionally play the fiddle for me while I had sex with my lover, and now he plays the drums and fiddle in 2 of my favorite bands (check out Hurray For the Riff Raff and Why are we building such a big ship) So…I thought it would be awesome if he serenaded me and Hollie while we enjoyed each others bodies….then things just got weird. check it.

So next weekĀ  I’m going to be shooting new content with a number of mega babes at an amazing location I’ve secured in the woods outside of Portland. One of those girls is my friend Morgan Bailey.

morgan sucking lobo

morgan sucking lobo

The first time I met Morgan was at the tranny awards (hosted by Grooby) earlier this year. I liked her the moment she and I locked eyes and said hello. Instant friends. Since then, everytime we’ve been in LA at the same time we’ve ended up hanging out and getting into trouble. The woman knows how to have fun, and she (like me) loves to tell a good story. So..when I hatched my scheme to invite a handful of porn chicks to a beautiful cabin in the woods, Morgan was at the top of my invite list.

Morgan also has a website through SMC (like me) which means you can sign up for her site for 24.99 or you can get access to her site as well as the other 15 sites in the tgirl network for 35.99.

Jasmine Jewels (who also has an SMC site) has been primarily responsible for shooting Morgan’s content, as well as Natalia Coxx and Ashley George whom I will tell you more about soon. Anyways, I’m gonna have all these ladies out at the woods, at my mercy and I’ve got some really cool ideas in store. Anyways, expect to see Morgan Bailey in some incredibly beautiful and sexy outdoor shoots soon and hopefully in some smoking hot scenes with yours truly.

Regardless, if you haven’t checked out this leggy, busty, sweetheart of a sex bomb yet, you are missing out. She’s well worth it. Support her and her loveliness by signing up for her site.

biting hotness

So as you are all probably aware by now, I have a thing for babes. Especially smart ones. Especially smart, cute, and sexually adventurous ones. Lucky for me I ended up shooting 22 y/o tattoed alt babe Sparky Sin Claire.


Sparky and I hit it off immediately, I could tell we were gonna have really great chemistry on set, and it was banging. Lots of foot worship, oral gratification, fucking and a little bit of rough-housing. I especially enjoyed the 69 foot worship and then sucking her feet while I fucked her. Very cool. Sparky has awesome small boobs, just like mine, which is a major turn on for me, as well as a banging booty (and I’m a major lover of the booty). So I’m just gonna have to see alot more of her.


Afterwards we decided to hang out a bit and get to know each other, and like I suspected Sparky is one rad lady. Gracious, smart, good sense of humor and a really refreshing outlook on doing adult work. She’s really open about her desire to work with TS ladies and I’m super excited to have popped her tranny cherry on screen.


Things went so well we decided to shoot together again, and she’s flying up to the Pacific Northwest for a 3 way with me and Hollie Stevens. Holy shit its gonna be out of control hot and fun.


So here’s some preview pics, some of my fave’s from the set. Sign up for my site, support my work and continued commitment to making hot lez tranny porn like nobody else has ever done.


And here is a trailer for a scene I did with Lobo in the fall of last year, all these trailers will soon be up on my tour. xo

Here is a trailer for a movie that I made with Juliette Stray last year, her first scene ever. Her debut into shemale fame. Juliette has gone through some pretty major changes over the last year and is no longer just a fan girl stalking porn stars. Now she’s obsessed with plastic surgery and becoming Barbie and stalking other barbie doll porn stars.

Whether her hair is red or blonde, it is no doubt that Juliette is by far one of the more interesting characters in porn today, and I’m proud that was able to induct her into the wonderful world of Transexual porn. Here’s the scene that kicked off a lovely working relationship as well as friendship, not too mention Juliette introduced me to my galpal Hollie Stevens. So… here ya go. Hope ya like it.