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So I’m back in LA shooting more content for my site after a long hiatus, and I couldn’t have found a better gal than to get back into the swing of things with than Cherry Torn.


I originally met Cherry while she was a contract slave at and thought she was a total knockout, but I was too shy to say much. For those who don’t know much about her, Cherry is one of the more accomplished and hardcore submissives working in porn. For some reason this made me want to take really pretty photos of her and not do BDSM at all the first time around. Sometimes I want BDSM sometimes I just want to have good sex with hot girls that I like. This was one of those times.


It was surprisingly chilly outside, or not so surprising considering its still winter, but Cherry and I still had a blast fucking around outdoors. I was enjoying her so much I just didn’t care.


Anyways, I’m getting back into my groove and shooting some pretty cool new content. Still focusing of course on girl/girl, tried my hardest to pull off a tranny gangbang with Amber Rayne, but life just wasn’t having it. That was disappointing because I think Amber’s pretty rad and was excited about the possibility, but the good news is there’s always next time.

In other news my site won best solo site at the Tranny awards, I was pretty jazzed about that as well, kind of awesome to get recognition for all the hard work I put into my site. Especially considering I’ve been shooting content that for all intents and purposes is totally different than any other TS porn on the market, I felt a small sense of vindication.

So…Check out my new photos with Cherry, and soon to be released videos.