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So I’m still in LA, long after I had originally intended on leaving, but I’m willing to make sacrifices for porn. I’ve decided to forgo the comfort of my friends, lovers and home in order to make porno magic. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that life rarely goes as planned. Sometimes its a big drag, but sometimes everything happens just the way it should and I think this trip is one of those times. Lucky for me the stars aligned just so and I ended up filming a banging 3 way with my friend Aly Sinclair (whom I’ve been shooting scenes with longer then just about anyone else) and the mega-talented Amber Rayne. I’m not gonna get to far into details right now about the scene, but suffice it to say it was filthy, surreal, and hot (I put my foot in her butt !)

Tomorrow if all goes well I’ll be subbing to January Seraph, which I’m very much looking forward to. Its been a long time since I’ve really pushed myself on the BDSM front and I’m excited. I’m a pain slut and I’m pretty sure January will know how to push my buttons. Yay.

Good times in the land of Mandy Mitchell.Continuing to push myself and the rest of tranny porn into uncharted territory.