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This photo set is outlandish, slightly gharrish, and in my opinion very special. I had a raging boner the moment Amber and I started to pose together, she’s just so goddamn sexy and is charming to be around.

Anyways, I tried some really weird positions, and could barely contain my eagerness.

I was super excited about how talented Amber was, but before I could even really jump to deep into the waves of Amber perversions I got kinda caught up in how pretty she was, and how good it all felt, cause I kinda really dig feeling good.

So then I fucked her all over the bathroom and stuff and dug my hand around her butt and got happy inside

I hope I get a chance to do it again. Please support my hopes and dreams with your generous sperm, cunt juice and financial contributions

By now anyone who follows my work has probably seen photos of my friend Juliette Stray.

She is such a hottie! I originally scheduled her to gangbang Amber Rayne but car accidents fucked that shoot up royally. Anyways, we left the shoot all pretty and decided to go to a friends salon so I could get my hair done. Evidently Juliette and photographer slipped into another room and made a dirty movie that I and the other customers were unaware of. Hot!

See this and more hot Juliette Stray content on my website.

Ok, so its probably long overdue that I write about this in some way shape or form given how much Hollie means to me and how much we’ve done together (I’ve easily worked more with her than anyone else, and have no intention of stopping).

After several months of anxiety and Dr.’s visits Hollie has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently awaiting results from tests to see how far the cancer has spread.

She really means more to me than I can adequately express in this blog, suffice it to say I’ve been pretty concerned.

People have been asking me ways that they can help out, and I know that so many of you love and adore her. If you are interested in attending, performing in or wish to help with organizing some events that we are planning to raise money at, please email me at

If you wish to donate $ toward Hollie’s expenses please go to really any amount is greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and possibly elsewhere. They should be a hell of a good time.

xo Mandy