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By now cuckolding has become a pretty common place fetish and is strongly represented in the porn world, but for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a cuckold is simply a man whose wife (girlfriend etc) has been unfaithful or who gains sexual gratification out of watching his wife get fucked by another man. Over time cuckolding has developed to involve other elements of humiliation or emasculation that also have included forced bi sexual experiences and sometimes interracial sex.

The thing about cuckolding that really fascinates me is the many different facets of sexuality which it envelops from gender, race and other socio-political issues to poly amory, to very basic feelings of jealousy and insecurity. I became obsessed with the ways in which my sexuality as someone who is  bi-sexual but predominantly lesbian identified, seemed to affect the men who shared the same lovers as I did. On the one hand they were and usually are open to their wives or girlfriends dating girls, but the fact that I have a dick is kind of a curveball and all sorts of crazy issues come up. For a long time I was just annoyed. Annoyed at the girls who didn’t really accept me for who I am, annoyed at the guys for being so insecure, annoyed that my pleasure always seemed to take a back seat to the hetero relationships. But over time I did what I always seemed to do, which is eroticize and fetishize the things that caused me concern. My whorish version of making lemonade when life gave me a lemon.

So now…I get really turned on by the idea of men feeling insecure about their sexual prowess and constructing scenarios where I fuck their wives or girlfriends way better than they ever have or could. Transexuals are treated like 2nd class citizens and it is strangely humiliating to straight guys that their dates would be sexually gratified by a castrated tranny. I love this!

I get off on trying to bring new levels of ecstacy and sexual gratification to women while simultaenously emasculating and mocking the concept of male supremacy. Lesbian sex, but with a flesh cock. That’s hot. Not straight sex with tits…but lesbian sex with a flesh cock. I know its kind of splitting hairs to some, but not too me.

And to the guys that this has upset. 1 fuck you (jk…kind of…). If you are ok with your date fucking women its none of your business that I have a dick.  2 it was never about you, or personal, just consensual pleasure and fun. So learn to make your lovers happy, or learn to enjoy watching me do it. or both! Even better.

So there you have it. Tranny cuckolding. With Cherry Torn and the ponytail guy.

I was super excited that I got to make out and get erotic with Cherry Torn again. She’s really pretty and knows exactly how to make me crazy with lust. I especially like it when she spits in my mouth. Tongues and spit and sloppy anything is really hot and feels heavenly. Cherry Torn: You’re a megababe! Check it out!

I had such a good time with Cherry that you can plan on seeing a bit more of her in the days to come.

Panties belong in a girls mouth. Also….

It is a simple statement of fact that 99 out of 100 people who are not zombies, like slutty nurses. If you are sick, or unhappy, or your job is kind of crappy, you probably want a really hot nurse to come rub her dick on your thigh. So, here I am, your slutty nurse with a cock.

Not everything I shoot is messy, bizarre, scary, and surreal lesbian porn. Sometimes I do it like the way I’m supposed to and stuff. Sexy outfits, strip and tell. You would almost think I could be wholesome.

My smoking hot friend and my favorite tranny doll,Juliette Stray returns for an even hotter solo set of strippin, stroking and fingering. I’m lucky to have such hot friends. I’m lucky to say that I’ve been able to feature Juliette several times over the last couple years and look forward to doing so again.