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Price: $6.95 – Buy A rare scene with TS Mandy Mitchell dominating TS Kimberly Kills. Training with intense exposure to the elements, bondage, whipping, spanking, caning, oral servitude, electro play and more!

Foxxy, one of my favorite TS Pornstars, returns to again this week. We put things in each others butts. It was awesome. Foxxy is awesome.

In other news, I’m adding new movies every day to my VOD store. Now you have the option of being a member of or purchasing your favorite scenes for a reasonable price! Sometimes ya just wanna watch one movie, I get it.

I’ve been hiding out in the woods outside of Portland for the last week, kind of. I mean I went and saw a couple shows (Hurray for the Riff Raff & The Mountain Goats) but mostly I just stayed home and recovered from my trip to Tennessee. I’m in Portland one more night, tomorrow I’ll be driving down to San Francisco with my friend Yosi (the fiddler in the hotel date, also the drummer/fiddler in Hurray For The Riff Raff)  to celebrate various Gay Pride festivities. Especially excited to see folks and get rowdy at dyke march. After that I’m probably gonna go to LA for a while, and quite possibly move there. I don’t know. My life is kind of in a state of  ‘ I’m not sure where next. ‘ LA seems like it could be fun for a little while, and if I hate it I can always run away to somewhere else (like I always do).

Also…Hollie Stevens, my good friend and frequent co-star/creator – has breast cancer and in a very short time is going to be undergoing a series of operations and need to get new boobs. To be blunt. I want you to financially assist her if you like me. There are a number of ways to do this.

1. You can donate directly to the Loving Hollie Stevens campaign.

2. You can purchase art from the Hyena Gallery that is being donated towards Hollies funds.

3. Attend the upcoming Lingerie Rollerskate benefit party being thrown by my friend January Seraph on July 15 in San Francisco. Details to be announced shortly.

Price: $5.95 – Buy Morgan Bailey Throatfucks tightly bound Mandy and Hollie

Price: $9.95 – Buy Mandy is
jerking off in the bathroom when hot drunk chick Hollie Stevens stumbles

I’m on vacation. In middle Tennessee. It’s hot and I’m on a farm. There are goats, chickens, rabbits, cows and various pets. I’ve been here quite a while now, and I guess I’m ready to think about leaving. It’s hard though cause I like swimming and being lazy on a porch swing, drinking tea and eating ice cream. My friends are all rad and I’ve been enjoying the homemade music and stuff. I haven’t gotten laid in a couple weeks and that is making me slightly batty. Fortunately I have lots of porn to jerk off to.

I was hanging out with my friend Kimberly Kills by the pool when my anal coach (yes I hired an anal coach for private lessons) Amber Rayne stopped by for my weekly lesson in how to be a better pornstar and anal slut. Since I know Kim loves butt sex and giant objects in her ass I figured she’d get a kick out of sitting in on one of my sessions.

So anyways, I really thought I gave it my best shot. We started with a 3 way finger bang and that was really cool. I liked making a triangle of ass to finger, I always like a 3 way finger bang and this time it was all anal!

Since Kim was new to the class Amber decided to spend some time on her first, and quickly discovered that Kim was a very advanced student. I’m talking massive inhuman sized dildo’s went in her butthole. I should have known that she would make me look like a total anal newbie and slacker! But I guess its not always a competition and I can enjoy smaller objects and still like butt sex.

After that Amber put a long blue dildo in my butt. At first it really hurt because my ass is pretty tight, ha ha, I’m a tight ass. No seriously, this is why I have one of the raddest butt sluts training me, cause I want to learn to take dick better. So Amber wanted to show me it was no biggie, and she just slipped her entire hand up her own ass in a matter of seconds. Poof, her hand was gone. Gosh, I looked silly and pathetic.

Well after my luckluster performance Amber decided to kick me out of the room and have her way with Kim. Once she was done she fucked my face till I cried, spanked me, and made sure I learned my lesson to practice for next week. All in all a fantastic day!

When I was originally approached about shooting for SMC’s new retro T girl site : Tgirlpinups I was excited but also really nervous.

SMC has such an amazingly gorgeous cast of girls and I was pretty intimidated about the prospect of appearing in such a radically different way than I am used to.  To further the akwardness my male talent showed up on set with no test and I had to kick his ass to the curb, what then followed was a hilarious scene of me trying to do the twist (which by the way, I don’t dance. Ever. It’s actually on my no list when I discuss BDSM scenes with a domme, but I never thought to mention it with my own shooter and decided to just give it a try..oops.) and then a raunchy solo…I think trying to be engaged in a style so opposite my normal raunchy BDSM lezzie self felt really vulnerable to me and I was worried.This shoot more than any other except maybe Uranus Needs Shemales forced me out of my comfort zone and ultimately that’s why I do porn. Bet I’ll get good natured ribbing for this set for a good long time. I don’t know about me and pincurlers or orange, but I bet some people will think its cool or hot, others will get a good laugh out of it and I’m trying to not take myself so seriously all the time.

Now that the site has launched I’m really honored and happy to be on it.. I do wish I had been able to shoot a hardcore scene, cause those look really fucking hot to me. Maybe at some point I can do a hardcore scene since that’s where I really shine.

It’s a pretty phenomenal start to a site, with porn legends Vanity and Olivia Love,

other SMC girls Morgan Bailey, Giselle Milani ,Victoria Di Prada and a strong cast of girls soon to be unveiled. So check it out, see some of your favorite TS stars in a whole new light. Also….Morgan Bailey sucks Tom Moores dick through a hot dog bun. That’s fucking hilarious and absurd and probably worth the cost of a signup alone. Yeahhh…