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Right now there are alot of good reasons to join Shemale Club in case you haven’t already done so.

1. I have sex with a man named Gabrielle and its hot! Literally and figuratively.

2. Juliette Stray, one of my favorite TS pornstars makes her debut on Shemale Club. She has really refined her look since she made her debut on my site in 2009 and is easily one of the most popular models around these days. Looking better than ever!

3. Newcomers Jonelle Brooks ,Tiffany Starr and Jenna Rachaels comprise a formidable cast of hot newcomers. These girls are smoking hot and will be household names in no time. (well for ts porn that is)

Look at her booty!!!


Horny. I’m going to be a pervert and jerk off to a picture of myself in a submissive position.

One of the things I like to do in the summer is get naked with 2 other women and play dirty games in the sunshine. The game I’m playing right now is “how many fingers can Amber Rayne and I put in Kim Kills butt?”  I’m not great at math but I’m pretty sure Kim Kills wanted to throw in some fingers of her own.

I adore Sparky. We were running amok in San Francisco for gay pride earlier in the year and she wore a bright bubblegum pink wig the entire time. I became fixated. A few weeks later we both happened to be in LA at the same time and I demanded she dress up in 1920’s flapper costumes with me and wear her pink wig.

I’m really pleased to have her back on my site, its been far too long. I really love that my job involves paying my super hot friends to dress up in whatever I ask and service me sexually. I’m a lucky girl.

That said, Sparky is a fantastic performer and a mega babe: for proof of this I give you this photo. She looks damn good with my cock in between her lips.