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Today I saw Alligators and Wild Ponies, that was pretty badass. Here’s the update…in case you were wondering what the fuck I’ve been up to.

I made a bunch of movies in LA a while back that are all banging around my website, you should watch them and masturbate. Then I left LA to chase after a crush, that was what it was, and after a while it was time to get back to work. So…I decided to head up to Chicago to check out Jasmine Jewels new studio and shoot a scene or two while I was up there.

My time in Chicago was kind of bizarre. I hung out in Jasmines enormous studio and played with her cats, I had a slumber party with Ashley George, ate food at diner’s, and then convinced Ashley Fires that it would be a fantastic idea to fly to Chicago and make a movie with me. That was an interesting time in my life. We didn’t get everything done that we had planned, but man we had a pretty fantastic time doing it and that makes for good porn in the end. The scene I shot with Ashley was a POV cuckolding movie, and I was really turned on the entire time. Basically I was in heaven for a little bit there. 🙂 Thanks life!

As I was driving Ashley Fires to the airport I saw on Twitter that Sparky Sin Claire had hurt her back outside Chatanooga and was kinda stranded, and that seemed like a good enough reason to split from Chicago. So I drove to Chatanooga and picked Sparky up, and then we went and played in the woods outside of Nashville with all of my lovely friends for a really lovely couple of days.

Now I’m in Florida, where in a couple of days I’ll be meeting up with Jay Sin and shooting a scene (hopefully) with Roxxy Raye, which I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. So…that’s what’s up.

Here’s some porno,0,0,0,7084

Just the way I like it! The delicious erect Penis without a man to care about looking at behind it.

Ok, I like having men attached to the penis, that’s fun as well. But I think alot of you might like the idea of just my lips around your cock without you seeing all the spit and bile from sliding your cock deep down my throat, that makes it so slippery and sensual. That’s what this photo set is about. Having privacy, avoiding intimacy, and having sexy fun. This photo set is for InterracialTgirlSex a website that I’ve shot for a couple of times over the years.

There’s also a movie about me having some kinky fun in a closet with a guy named Rico Steele. I have sex with him and attack his penis with my face.