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Here is 2 minutes of random butt sex I had in a hotel room with Alysa. The scene itself is kinda cool. I wasn’t supposed to be shooting with Alysa as I had only planned on shooting with Roxy while in Florida. But she ended up staying at the hotel with me, Roxy, and Jay and I was utterly smitten with her. She was so hot and pleasant to be around I just had to shoot a scene with her. Then we fucked and I even anally fisted her. Score! I’ll put the actual trailer up in a couple weeks. Hope you like the free porno!

Looks like there’s another super hot set of me up on Shemale Club! Playing with my butt and stuff.

I like putting things in my ass and then my mouth.

This is me with the lovely Adrianna Nicole.

I really liked Adrianna from the moment we started setting the scene up. I didn’t really know much about her other than that Jay Sin spoke very highly of her, and I kind of trust Jay’s judgement about girls I might have a really good time with. Adrianna was down to earth and really easy to be around and pretty much from the moment I met her I was willing to do just about anything with her. She’d never done a scene with a  TS girl before, but she totally wasn’t phased, or weird about it.

We made a movie, Jay Sin filmed it & provided his ever lovely genius to the scene. It did not have a plot at all. I feel bad because even without a plot I probably should have had some sort of clever introduction or concept of a scene. I didn’t. I was just so stoked about worshipping Adrianna’s body that I kind of just turned to mental jelly and could think of nothing other than going deep into her ass to find some inspiration.

Full disclosure: I sniff Adrianna for the first little bit of the movie, and I think its terribly erotic, but then again I get the super awesome memory of what it all smelled like, which is probably worth more to me than sales, but I digress. After the sniffing and butt licking we just had a lot of really fun sex. I got to backwards fuck her and eat her feet. She put her foot up my butt. It was genuinely good sex, I mean at least it was fantastic for me. 🙂

The movie is on my site, its also available on VOD if that suits your fancy.


This is my friend Tori Lux. She is very pretty and I wanted to do dirty things to her on camera. Not only does she have a really pretty face and body, she can do special things with her butthole, she is ferocious, and I’m very fond of her.


This is Danni Daniels. She is a TS friend of mine who is special, kind of like how I’m special. I won’t get into that, because she also has a really big….

prescence. And you don’t need me to tell you about that.

I took these two special people , told them both to show up to Jay Sin’s house at the same time, and jumped in the middle of them! Raunchy fun with friends. And double penetration. And Danni’s wiener is huge.

I swear I’m not being lazy or disappearing off the face of the earth. The Truth is I’ve been super busy shooting porn for you, dear reader. In quick succession I drove from Chicago to South Florida, back to Nashville, then flew to LA to shoot another scene. Most people would consider this insane behavior, but everyone was really hot and the sex was totally worth it. Tell ya all about it later, with photos and stuff. Probably today. 🙂