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So after a really dispiriting December (that I need not get into) January has been kinda totally rad! I’m back on the road again, in New York City right now visiting friends and making sexy time. I shot some badass porn in Chicago with Adrianna Nicole, CJ and the lovely Jas Jewels behind the camera. These photos right here are proof that in spite of a blizzard and shitty winter weather, adventure just makes me sexy as fuck. Keep your eyes pealed cause this monster is taking the freakshow on the road once again!


If you are not a member of my site what is your problem? it’s only 25$ and it enables my sex addiction. Don’t you wanna support that good cause?

I don’t care what anybody thinks or says I am totally sold on the sexiness of a hot steaming rosebud.

This is so cool.



This is really all that is required to make me so very happy in life. This week’s first update is a nice pictorial depiction of a night of much debauchery with Amber Rayne and Alysa. Thanks to my compulsive need to have sex with incredible people at any cost you can enjoy me acting like a total pussy pig. It’s hot.






Starting out 2012 with a bang! Here’s a clip from the most recent update on that I did with Roxy Raye . If you are not familiar with Roxy by now you need to check out her site and some of the amazing scenes she’s done for Jay Sin. Roxy and I talked briefly a year ago when Hollie Stevens and I were passing through Florida. At the time I didn’t really know her or anything about her (because I live under a rock) and I kinda forgot all about the idea of shooting with her. Then I started hanging out a bunch with Jay Sin and he spoke very highly of her, very very highly. I don’t remember which one of us got back in touch with the other, but Roxy and I started to formulate plans to shoot a scene together. After months of planning I drove to Florida and met up with Roxy and Jay to make porno magic!

We got a rad suite on the beach and spent a magical weekend enjoying the ocean and making hot porn. Roxy is an incredible woman, she’s smart, beautiful, and deeply deeply perverse. This scene (especially the 2nd part) really pushed me into realms of sexuality that I have never really explored before and for that I’m very thankful.

2012 is going to be a fantastic year for !