I’m not gonna lie. I’m still too braindead from all the shooting to really give a good recap, but heres the quick low down.

Summer in SF was cold and I was kinda miserable. My girlfriend told me that the weather in the Pacific Northwest was hot and perfect, so I packed a suitcase and headed north. While up there I was so enamored that I convinced Hollie Stevens and Sparky Sin Claire to come up and shoot with me at the Twisted Cedar Estates. Then I ended up with a crazy 7 days of shooting Hollie, Sparky and several SMC girls. It was amazing, and worth going into detail soon.

The first set of photos from that shoot has gone up, hope ya like em. It’s me, Hollie, and Morgan Bailey. This shoot will be available on both mine and Morgans site. Never been tied to anyone before, this scene was hot, and fun.

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