Just the way I like it! The delicious erect Penis without a man to care about looking at behind it.

Ok, I like having men attached to the penis, that’s fun as well. But I think alot of you might like the idea of just my lips around your cock without you seeing all the spit and bile from sliding your cock deep down my throat, that makes it so slippery and sensual. That’s what this photo set is about. Having privacy, avoiding intimacy, and having sexy fun. This photo set is for InterracialTgirlSex a website that I’ve shot for a couple of times over the years.

There’s also a movie about me having some kinky fun in a closet with a guy named Rico Steele. I have sex with him and attack his penis with my face.

One Response to “A Dick without a man: Just the way I like it!”

  1. michael g.b. Says:

    Mandy . .You look better and better . . . sexier and sexier . . . hotter and hotter . . every time i look at You . . . no man can ever become bored seeing you becasue the interest just keeps on growing ever more intense . . . You are “magic” and “magical”. 🙂