This is me with the lovely Adrianna Nicole.

I really liked Adrianna from the moment we started setting the scene up. I didn’t really know much about her other than that Jay Sin spoke very highly of her, and I kind of trust Jay’s judgement about girls I might have a really good time with. Adrianna was down to earth and really easy to be around and pretty much from the moment I met her I was willing to do just about anything with her. She’d never done a scene with a  TS girl before, but she totally wasn’t phased, or weird about it.

We made a movie, Jay Sin filmed it & provided his ever lovely genius to the scene. It did not have a plot at all. I feel bad because even without a plot I probably should have had some sort of clever introduction or concept of a scene. I didn’t. I was just so stoked about worshipping Adrianna’s body that I kind of just turned to mental jelly and could think of nothing other than going deep into her ass to find some inspiration.

Full disclosure: I sniff Adrianna for the first little bit of the movie, and I think its terribly erotic, but then again I get the super awesome memory of what it all smelled like, which is probably worth more to me than sales, but I digress. After the sniffing and butt licking we just had a lot of really fun sex. I got to backwards fuck her and eat her feet. She put her foot up my butt. It was genuinely good sex, I mean at least it was fantastic for me. 🙂

The movie is on my site, its also available on VOD if that suits your fancy.


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