Here’s a sneak peak at the most recent set of photos to go up on my site featuring me looking sexy and enjoying my body (specifically my ass) in the great outdoors. Barefoot in a tree, playing with my body, enjoying a cigarette, and then sticking a nice glass toy up my booty. Jasmine Jewels really took some amazing photos in this set.


These photos are a really nice blend of adorable and nasty. Which is nice, because I’m always kind of hovering on the verge of adorable or nasty. Speaking of hovering on the verge, I’m just about to leave the Pacific Northwest and set my sights on fall in California, and possibly a significant road trip.

Anyways, I hope these pictures get you aroused. Especially if they get you aroused enough (like any good gateway drug) to check out some of my harder pics and movies.

2 Responses to “anal in the woods is the way to end summer.”


    ummm fantastic woman love you umm

  2. Peter Says:

    Mandy barefoot and totaly nude outdoors is simply gorgeous (as always). That’s what makes her site unique: her beauty, her natural submissivness and that she produces no mainstream tgirl porn like on so many other sites where tgirls mostly wear stupid stockings and high heels.