I had a lovely day today. I got back in to town last night at 2:30 in the morning after driving from Portland all day. I love going on road trips by myself, its a great way to clear my head. I had such a wonderful week long vacation visiting my lover up north, where it was freezing cold. I hardly left my bed all week, in a good way. Anyways, today was really nice. I met up with a friend of mine for breakfast and then he hung out with me while I unpacked and hung photos up on my walls. Then I picked my roomate up from work and we went to the mall and went on a minor shopping spree. Generally I hate going to the mall, but tonight I didn’t mind so much. Then I got a tasty dinner, came home and crawled into my bed and hung out with my roomate and upstairs neighbor and we watched the most recent episode of Dexter. John Lithgow is such a creepy serial killer, which is good because Dexter the family man got on my nerves, he’s too preachy. Anyways. it has been great to be back and have such great company. Before I left I was feeling a little lonely, living in a new city without my girlfriend has been a really big change, and I was a little apprehensive about coming back. But now that I’m here, everything is really nice.

I guess I’m going to some shindig at the armory tomorrow night, having a chill day on Saturday and then shooting for Sammy Mancini on Sunday with my friend Juliette (aka The Intruder) in another dom/sub scene. Then next week I’m hoping to shoot another scene for my site, which I’m really excited about.

That’s whats up with me. night night.

4 Responses to “Back in San Francisco”

  1. renhoek Says:

    i want to know, more about Juliette, where i can find her bio or pics ?
    thank you

  2. Mandy Says:

    Juliette is in the process of building a website right now, and I believe she also adertises on Redbook? I know she recently shot a couple of solo sets for Shemale Strokers, but currently she’s exclusively on my site. Oh, and she’s appeared as a guest on several pubic Disgrace shoots at Kink as well.

  3. The quiet one Says:

    Hi Babes

    You look great, do you ever come to Vancouver Canada

    chat soon

  4. Mandy Says:

    No, not in years