I took this photo years ago when I was travelling from Philadelphia to New Orleans via unconventional methods. It was a boarded up house that had been destroyed in a hurricane the year before Katrina, and for some reason the tag resonated with me. There was this house that had been completely destroyed, amongst hundreds of homes that had been evacuated and were trashed, and yet someone had taken the time to talk about beauty amonst the wreckage. That photo has hung in my different homes ever since then, and often serves as a metaphor in my life. Every once in a while it is nice to be reminded that no matter what the rest of the world may think, no matter how battered I may be,¬† I’m still¬† beautiful.You are too.

That’s all. Just thought I’d share. Have a nice day.

3 Responses to “Beauty”

  1. Andre Says:

    Yes, you are beautiful.

    Thanks for the answer to my e-mail, indeed…

  2. J.S. Smith Says:

    I agree! You have a true beauty that many strive for, but few achieve. Kisses from Kentucky!

  3. Horatio Says:

    Mandy estoy loco por vos, sos hermosisima