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Continuing our Lesbian swinger adventure Bianca Stone and I decided to take a weekend trip to see my old friend Delia Delions. Members from way back might remember Delia and I initially shooting almost 10 years ago, we were so new then! Anyways, I’ve stayed in touch with Delia over the years, & had the fortune of receiving my TEA award from her in 2012, but other then that we had very little contact since our first shoot.



That’s a photo of Delia with my wife Bianca. I got to take some Behind the scenes photos while they modeled together until it was my turn to jump in the mix.



Continuing on in the tradition of lesbian swinger 3 ways, this week you can look forward to a hot scene that Bianca and I shot with Proxy Paige, one of my absolute all time favorite co-stars. In this scene Bianca and Proxy turn the tables on me and end up pounding my ass and face simultaneously until I’m happily exhausted from all the fucking.



And while you are waiting for those scenes to debut, here is a short free video clip of me masturbating to tide you over. 

I’m in an overpriced hotel in San Diego, listening to music thats been absent my life for far too long, awake when I probably should be asleep. I haven’t written anything in my blog in so long and I feel like I owe it to people to check in.

I’ve been on the west coast for the last month or so; Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, spent a bit a time in each and every one. Doing what I do. Traveling, visiting people, making porn, being weird.

I guess mostly I’ve been in California,  only my stubborn Taurus nature keeps me from claiming residence.  There was the tranny awards, I wore a disco unitard because I was trying to impress a girl I had a crush on and she liked it better than the black dress I was going to wear. There are lots of pictures on the internet it seems from that night, because I won a couple awards they are easy to find. So I won 2 awards at the 4th annual Tranny Awards “Best non typical model” and for the second year in a row “Best Solo-website”. I didn’t really prepare an acceptance speech, mostly because I’m superstitious and to prepare a speech in my mind is akin to kissing any sort of win out the window. So I kinda stumbled on stage like a deer in the headlights, albeit a really tall and sexy one, and made some sort of attempt to be funny or cute or snarky I don’t know. I was kind of preoccupied with the girl I had brought as my date, which in hindsight was probably unfair to everyone -fans, friends, co-workers, date- but I dunno I just want what I want when I want it and I can be stubborn. Anyways, the awards were a lot of fun, it was nice to be surrounded by friends, co-workers, peers, fans – all under one roof. Winning felt nice because I work really hard & most of the time just feel like there’s not enough of a payoff to put so much of myself into making porn. But when people tell me how much they like my work and encourage me it reminds me that porn can make a lot of people happy, so not to get so down on it.

The next day I made my first appearance on Playboy radio, which I guess probably was heard by more people than read this blog, but more importantly introduced me to 2 very cool women, Debbi Diamond & Niki Hunter. I was only there for like 10 minutes and I was getting caned by Niki. I know I’m a perv, but I am totally secretly fantasizing about playing with her, I want her to beat me. Anyways…. Debbi Diamond kinda seems to have a really similar approach to kink as I do and that was a trip ( a good trip). I rarely meet other pain sluts that perv on things in a way that I feel applies to me so that was pretty rad. I got so horny I forgot to be nervous or even self conscious and I was kinda bummed when it was time for me to leave hot smart lady radio town.

After the awards were over and my date left town I kinda bounced around LA visiting friends and eventually was blessed by life with a lovely suite downtown, a kingsize bed, & the company of 2 of my favorite co-stars Sparky and Proxy, and we all kinda ran around for a little bit together. That was really lovely because those 2 make me really happy and horny, and I ended up shooting a couple movies that turned out nicely. I didn’t end up shooting with Sparky though, I shot with a girl named Sasha Sweet and also with Proxy.

I had been wanting to shoot a scene with Sasha for some time, she was, like Proxy, a girl that was originally recommended to me by Jay Sin. He thought I would really like her, and he kinda has my interests pegged. Speaking of Jay Sin… TS Playground is now out! I’m in 3 scenes in this movie, other than my own website I’ve never cared so much about a project I’ve worked on and I’m really fucking honored to be a part of it.

Shooting with Jay was utterly sublime, I’ve never really been so much on the same page as someone as I was with him and it really shows. So that’s that.

Ok so I made a movie with Sasha about random hookups, hangover sex, & its really lovely. It was shot by Nate Liquor and was a total change of pace from my sexploit films of the recent past. It’s probably gonna be up on my site sometime in the next 24 hours.

The next day I had a content trade booked that fell through, so I booked Proxy for a night time buttfuck movie and it was totally wild and raunchy. I’m such a lucky lucky dog. Visually I think many of you are really gonna dig both of these movies because they are just really aesthetically pleasing. There’s definitely some really raunchy moments, but the focus this time was more on enjoyable sex in a beautiful place.

After I finished those movies I kinda went road trip wild & drove up and down California for no particular reason. I guess after a couple weeks I was really missing Hollie Stevens so I drove up to SF and spent a night at her place, went out to breakfast in the morning and drove right back to LA.

So….that’s a for real blog entry. If you’ve read this far you really are dedicated or at least easily entertained. Sorry I am not putting any dirty photos up or anything, but my website has some really cool updates on the way.

Lots of love, encouragement and gratitutde.

So after a really dispiriting December (that I need not get into) January has been kinda totally rad! I’m back on the road again, in New York City right now visiting friends and making sexy time. I shot some badass porn in Chicago with Adrianna Nicole, CJ and the lovely Jas Jewels behind the camera. These photos right here are proof that in spite of a blizzard and shitty winter weather, adventure just makes me sexy as fuck. Keep your eyes pealed cause this monster is taking the freakshow on the road once again!


If you are not a member of my site what is your problem? it’s only 25$ and it enables my sex addiction. Don’t you wanna support that good cause?

Today I saw Alligators and Wild Ponies, that was pretty badass. Here’s the update…in case you were wondering what the fuck I’ve been up to.

I made a bunch of movies in LA a while back that are all banging around my website, you should watch them and masturbate. Then I left LA to chase after a crush, that was what it was, and after a while it was time to get back to work. So…I decided to head up to Chicago to check out Jasmine Jewels new studio and shoot a scene or two while I was up there.

My time in Chicago was kind of bizarre. I hung out in Jasmines enormous studio and played with her cats, I had a slumber party with Ashley George, ate food at diner’s, and then convinced Ashley Fires that it would be a fantastic idea to fly to Chicago and make a movie with me. That was an interesting time in my life. We didn’t get everything done that we had planned, but man we had a pretty fantastic time doing it and that makes for good porn in the end. The scene I shot with Ashley was a POV cuckolding movie, and I was really turned on the entire time. Basically I was in heaven for a little bit there. 🙂 Thanks life!

As I was driving Ashley Fires to the airport I saw on Twitter that Sparky Sin Claire had hurt her back outside Chatanooga and was kinda stranded, and that seemed like a good enough reason to split from Chicago. So I drove to Chatanooga and picked Sparky up, and then we went and played in the woods outside of Nashville with all of my lovely friends for a really lovely couple of days.

Now I’m in Florida, where in a couple of days I’ll be meeting up with Jay Sin and shooting a scene (hopefully) with Roxxy Raye, which I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. So…that’s what’s up.

Here’s some porno,0,0,0,7084

“Do you cum?”

My least favorite question, one which I probably wouldn’t have to answer if it wasn’t for porn shoots I’ve done for certain companies over the years involving absurdly faked cum shots (surprised? Don’t be some of your favorite companies do it all the time!). On average I get asked that question probably 2 times a day and rarely does it make me feel good about my body, which generally means it makes me hate whomever asks.

See I was castrated at a young age, by choice. I felt it was the best thing I could do for my transition and it is largely responsible for why I have such a feminine appearance without the trappings of transexual surgical procedures (not knocking my sisters who pursue that route, just not my choice). At the time of my procedure I just felt like balls were not something I wanted attached to my body, I wanted (and still do) to be a girl like all my other friends and testes didn’t belong on me. My family begged me not to, my lovers didn’t want me to, I didn’t care. I did it for me. Little did I know that one day I would end up in a line of work where people would be dissapointed that I didn’t have balls or splooge.

So yeah some companies and directors won’t hire me, because they assume that every fan of TS porn is only interested in cum, and “nobody can tell” when I’m having a real orgasm. I think this is funny because last I checked no other TS model has ever had 10+ orgasms in a single scene. To my loyal fans this just makes me special, and I love that so many of you appreciate that about me.

Still…I think its pretty sad that certain companies place such an emphasis on cumshots, especially when so many TS women are just not able to pop. Girls stop taking their hormones, go crazy, hate their bodies, why? Because some dickhead director assumes that every fan is only interested in cum. As a rule, I will never again work for a company which requires me to fake an orgasm when I am a multi orgasmic woman. I’m proud of my body and my prowess as a lover and I actually fucking hate all of you who made me do it, yeah it sold your scenes, but I’ve had to deal with dissapointed fans for the last 5 years now when they realize its a lie. Fortunately some of my favorite directors and companies would never ask me to fake it and I have plenty of fans who think I’m super hot regardless.

So back to my day to day life. For the record, for now and forever, if you ask me if I can have an orgasm the answer is yes. I can. More than just about anyone you know or have ever met. But I don’t produce semen and never will. Do not ask me, do not try and shame me or put me down. I’m just too cool of a chick to be feeling bad because I can’t give you semen. Sorry. I’m a girl, and I don’t have semen. If its that important just go to the gay bar and suck a dick or 10 its free and lots of sploogey goodness.

End rant. Love…Mandy Mitchell


Foxxy, one of my favorite TS Pornstars, returns to again this week. We put things in each others butts. It was awesome. Foxxy is awesome.

In other news, I’m adding new movies every day to my VOD store. Now you have the option of being a member of or purchasing your favorite scenes for a reasonable price! Sometimes ya just wanna watch one movie, I get it.

I’ve been hiding out in the woods outside of Portland for the last week, kind of. I mean I went and saw a couple shows (Hurray for the Riff Raff & The Mountain Goats) but mostly I just stayed home and recovered from my trip to Tennessee. I’m in Portland one more night, tomorrow I’ll be driving down to San Francisco with my friend Yosi (the fiddler in the hotel date, also the drummer/fiddler in Hurray For The Riff Raff)  to celebrate various Gay Pride festivities. Especially excited to see folks and get rowdy at dyke march. After that I’m probably gonna go to LA for a while, and quite possibly move there. I don’t know. My life is kind of in a state of  ‘ I’m not sure where next. ‘ LA seems like it could be fun for a little while, and if I hate it I can always run away to somewhere else (like I always do).

Also…Hollie Stevens, my good friend and frequent co-star/creator – has breast cancer and in a very short time is going to be undergoing a series of operations and need to get new boobs. To be blunt. I want you to financially assist her if you like me. There are a number of ways to do this.

1. You can donate directly to the Loving Hollie Stevens campaign.

2. You can purchase art from the Hyena Gallery that is being donated towards Hollies funds.

3. Attend the upcoming Lingerie Rollerskate benefit party being thrown by my friend January Seraph on July 15 in San Francisco. Details to be announced shortly.

I’m on vacation. In middle Tennessee. It’s hot and I’m on a farm. There are goats, chickens, rabbits, cows and various pets. I’ve been here quite a while now, and I guess I’m ready to think about leaving. It’s hard though cause I like swimming and being lazy on a porch swing, drinking tea and eating ice cream. My friends are all rad and I’ve been enjoying the homemade music and stuff. I haven’t gotten laid in a couple weeks and that is making me slightly batty. Fortunately I have lots of porn to jerk off to.

1 month, 6,000 miles and 31 States later and I’m still on the road with Hollie Stevens. Lots has happened, for a thoroughly entertaining encapsulation of much of it I highly recommend reading Hollie’s blog as she is a much more dedicated blogger than I am (I’m also the only driver, which might explain some of my inability to write).

This week I’m in Austin, TX one of my alltime favorite cities, visiting with very old friends. So far my week has been absolutely dreamy, good food, very fulfilling visits with friends who I deeply love, swimming, canoeing and lots of fun with Hollie. Soon we will be leaving for Las Vegas where we are planning a shoot together (One that we have been planning for quite some time and I’m really excited about!), also Hollie will be doing some Fetish work while there, and then we are going to celebrate Haloween Las Vegas style.

Lately I’ve been feeling a sense of possibility and interest in the future that only the road can bring me. Re-visiting all of the amazing people and places in this country that I rarely get to see has reminded me that there is so much more to life than the porn industry, and the West Coast. Its good to get these reminders once in a while, that life is much much bigger than my little porno bubble in San Francisco.

Not really looking forward to the long ass drive to Las Vegas, 21 hours, yikes. Fortunately I have probably the most entertaining company anyone could hope for. So that’s my story. Life is pretty damn awesome these days.

The drive from Kill Devil Hills to Hollywood Florida was insane. Ridiculous, fun, annoying, scary. All of the above. Rather than blab about it, I’m just gonna post a long video of Hollie and myself from the trip. I think its got its moments for sure. Hope you enjoy!

Now I’m just chilling out in a little room by the beach, wearing slutty clothes, reading books, catching up on projects that fell by the wayside. Next couple days are gonna be interesting as I don’t know anyone in the Miami area and Hollie’s gonna be off working. I’m probably going to just read books and go on long walks, but ya never know what may happen. xo

Hollie Stevens and I are continuing our 2 month long road trip through the United States today by driving from Kill Devils Hill, NC all the way down to Miami. Days like today make me wish Hollie had a drivers license. Anyways, last couple of days have been spent driving (go figure) and we also shot a BDSM scene together for KisforKink where we brutalized a sissy. Then I tortured a guy with whips, canes, clothespins, and a cattleprod (Finally it was me using it on someone rather than being tortured with it) and made fun of him for not being able to figure out a fucking machine. Here’s a youtube clip of me interviewing Hollie on set:

Now we gotta go find some breakfast in this sleepy little town on the Outer Banks of N. Carolina and hopefully get out of the hotel before Hollie beats the staff to death, they’ve been real dipshits. If anyone works for the Ramada, tell your nightclerk to get stoned somewhere he can keep an eye on the front desk so weary travelers don’t have to sit in the lobby for an hour waiting. Also, our room had flies. Yuck. So….time to drive. 🙂