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When Venus Lux asked if I would like to visit her in LA and have a sex date on camera, I jumped at the opportunity. 2 time AVN award winner Venus lives up to her fame giving me one hell of a good fuck. First I got to worship her body and make out with her, before we took turns sucking and fucking each other. The fucking got really passionate and intense and messy and I loved it. If you are not currently a member of her website (, you should be, duh.

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Its been a long day online being sexy webcammers for Mandy and Bianca, and they enjoy a much needed smoke break together which quickly turns into kinky fun with Mandy’s erect cock. Things quickly heat up from there, turning into a full blown bareback fuck fest with Mandy pounding Biancas Hairy pussy, of course it wouldn’t be complete without some foot worship and long orgasms.

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Recently I took a trip with Bianca to meet Nina Lawless and her girlfriend Kendra Sinclaire, it ended up getting kind of wild. We shot some sexy photo sets together and then I made a hardcore video with Nina. The video of Nina & myself captures some really kinky moments of deep cock worship and anal sex. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Nina and myself, and I think this video turned out really hot. Check it out now on

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This weeks much anticipated update features a superbly sexy three way with an old friend, none other then the superstar TS Delia Delions. One of my absolute favorite TS performers in the biz. Delia and I shot a very popular scene many years ago when we were both just beginning to make waves in the TS porn industry. Now many years later, I had the good fortune of bringing my wife to Delia’s house for a super sexy 3 way.

Here’s a 30 sec trailer of the 3 way I shot with Proxy and Bianca! Hope you love it

Aren’t we so cute the three of us?



I’ve been wanting to shoot with Proxy Paige again ever since our last shoot many years ago in Los Angeles. I was so excited when it turned out that my return to porn would align with her summer visit to the US.

In general I love sharing. I however have a special love of sharing a pretty asshole, and sharing Proxy’s with Bianca was a lovely fantasy to fulfill. Mmm.



More sharing. I’m very excited in this photo by how good at sharing my cock Bianca and Proxy are.



At this point in the game, I was pretty sure I was just going to be fucking until I was spent, but these 2 kinky ladies totally turned the tables on me, and ended up using their strap ons on me at the same time.

This was the best possible outcome I could have possibly hoped for! Proxy fucked me before with her fingers but never a strap on, and getting to suck Biancas cock while Proxy fucked me and then switch and get fucked by Bianca’s skillfull cock felt so good. I came so hard.




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Rose quartz is a stone that has been celebrated for its magical qualities pertaining to self love, sexual restoration & transformation for millenia. I carry a big chunk of it with me wherever I travel.



One day recently to my amazement and joyous surprise, I stumbled across a rose quartz dildo in a sex shop in Hollywood,California. The dildo instantly asserted its power over me, I could not resist. I wanted it inside me.



Never had a stone so effortlessly entered my ass. It was warm, after a while it actually felt kind of hot, like when the computer has been plugged in for a very long time, but in a sensual and enticing way. Anal magic sometimes requires special toys to show a butthole some good self love.

If you don’t want to get a rosequartz dildo that is ok, my website is much cheaper. & you can buy a nice little piece of rosequartz sometime at the gem shop and rub it all over your body & holes & maybe the two combined are almost equivalent.

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I loved this movie with Sasha Sweet but never really promoted it due to life circumstances. It was shot beautifully and I really love how it turned out.



Very cinematic, long sensual slow introduction, followed by really freaky trans lesbian sex. I loved the chemistry that we had on screen, and really appreciated my time with Sasha.




Here’s a short clip from the scene. 🙂

Continuing our Lesbian swinger adventure Bianca Stone and I decided to take a weekend trip to see my old friend Delia Delions. Members from way back might remember Delia and I initially shooting almost 10 years ago, we were so new then! Anyways, I’ve stayed in touch with Delia over the years, & had the fortune of receiving my TEA award from her in 2012, but other then that we had very little contact since our first shoot.



That’s a photo of Delia with my wife Bianca. I got to take some Behind the scenes photos while they modeled together until it was my turn to jump in the mix.



Continuing on in the tradition of lesbian swinger 3 ways, this week you can look forward to a hot scene that Bianca and I shot with Proxy Paige, one of my absolute all time favorite co-stars. In this scene Bianca and Proxy turn the tables on me and end up pounding my ass and face simultaneously until I’m happily exhausted from all the fucking.



And while you are waiting for those scenes to debut, here is a short free video clip of me masturbating to tide you over. 

This scene with Bianca started out really playful in our shiny tight bright and colorful outfits, just posing and rubbing our bodies together.

Bianca Stone and Mandy Mitchell shiny outfits

Then Bianca started to suck on me a little bit, and I started rubbing her ass underneath the spandex


and before I knew it she whipped out a nice meaty strap on for me to suck on and fill myself with.




I didn’t plan on bottoming for this shoot, but looks like my ass was Bianca’s in this one. And I did not mind one bit. 🙂 I love anal sex so much, doesn’t really matter to me if its a flesh cock, a strap on, a hand, foot, tongue or toy, it all feels good to me. Bianca really knows how to coaxe my butthole open wide!



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