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Oh yeah, thought you might like this video of Hollie Stevens and my girlfriend Sarah in Sturgis, South Dakota. We are all classy ladies. Road trip babe machine.

In case you haven’t figured it out, Hollie is the shit. Don’t piss her off by being an asshole. If you do, this is probably what will happen.

And here is a trailer for a scene I did with Lobo in the fall of last year, all these trailers will soon be up on my tour. xo

I know the movie has been up for a while, but for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, heres a lovely trailer.

Thanks to everyone who made 2009 an awesome year, especially all the models I had the pleasure to work with, SMC, all the brilliant photographers and videographers who helped me make porn, and of course the lovely people who watch it. You all rule.

Be safe and enjoy the last night of this decade to its fullest.


I’m headed up to the Russian River to spend time with a bunch of my friends in a cabin. The holidays are often a difficult time of year for me, and I’m really glad I’ll be surrounded by friends this year. Should be a lovely couple of days.

Enjoy yourselves to the fullest

Shooting a lesbian yoga porn tomorrow should be alot of fun. I’ll share more when I’m done. Should be hot.

I moved to San Francisco and left my piano behind. I miss it, I hear it misses me too. It is ok because my piano and I are in an open relationship and soon I will find a new piano to occupy my time while I’m away. Wonder what it is I practice during the long dark nights? I’ve been obsessed with this piece by Listz for a very long time, I miss it.

I would be eternally greatful if you could construct a travel device that would be a door from my bedroom in San Fransisco to my lovers bedroom in the woods. I will do anything for the scientist inventor who can make this fantasy a reality.


I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack from “where the wild things are”. I was into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for a brief moment about 7 years ago but my friends played them so much I couldn’t bear to hear them anymore. Don’t get me wrong I had some very nice all night drives through bum fuck Arkansas screaming at the top of my lungs along to their songs, but its been a good while since I’ve even thought about them. Then I saw where the Wild things are, the movie was visually stunning but slow, the soundtrack haunted me though. So I picked it up and I’m obsessed. If you want a little peek into the noises in my brain check it out. Or go see the movie and think of me. 🙂