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Continuing our Lesbian swinger adventure Bianca Stone and I decided to take a weekend trip to see my old friend Delia Delions. Members from way back might remember Delia and I initially shooting almost 10 years ago, we were so new then! Anyways, I’ve stayed in touch with Delia over the years, & had the fortune of receiving my TEA award from her in 2012, but other then that we had very little contact since our first shoot.



That’s a photo of Delia with my wife Bianca. I got to take some Behind the scenes photos while they modeled together until it was my turn to jump in the mix.



Continuing on in the tradition of lesbian swinger 3 ways, this week you can look forward to a hot scene that Bianca and I shot with Proxy Paige, one of my absolute all time favorite co-stars. In this scene Bianca and Proxy turn the tables on me and end up pounding my ass and face simultaneously until I’m happily exhausted from all the fucking.



And while you are waiting for those scenes to debut, here is a short free video clip of me masturbating to tide you over. 

So I’m still in LA, long after I had originally intended on leaving, but I’m willing to make sacrifices for porn. I’ve decided to forgo the comfort of my friends, lovers and home in order to make porno magic. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that life rarely goes as planned. Sometimes its a big drag, but sometimes everything happens just the way it should and I think this trip is one of those times. Lucky for me the stars aligned just so and I ended up filming a banging 3 way with my friend Aly Sinclair (whom I’ve been shooting scenes with longer then just about anyone else) and the mega-talented Amber Rayne. I’m not gonna get to far into details right now about the scene, but suffice it to say it was filthy, surreal, and hot (I put my foot in her butt !)

Tomorrow if all goes well I’ll be subbing to January Seraph, which I’m very much looking forward to. Its been a long time since I’ve really pushed myself on the BDSM front and I’m excited. I’m a pain slut and I’m pretty sure January will know how to push my buttons. Yay.

Good times in the land of Mandy Mitchell.Continuing to push myself and the rest of tranny porn into uncharted territory.


Just arrived at the lovely Jasmine Jewels house in Chicago after a 2 day roadtrip across America with my lover Sarah and the fantastic Hollie Stevens. It was a crazy trip and I’ll be posting some video highlights on my youtube channel.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this teaser/intro to a home invasion/clown porn I made with Hollie (who you are probably aware is the queen of clown porn) and Sparky. Hope ya love it.!

So lots of fresh content up on my site of my two fave girls at the moment: Hollie Stevens and Sparky Sin Claire. A tickle, bondage, throatfuck movie, and some cute snapshots of me and Sparky playing around in a mucky beaver dam on a hot day. Wow that water was freezing cold.

Sparky looked so fucking hot in it, had to share some of the photos with you. If you don’t know who she is you are missing out! She’s the best. hottestsparkyever


Obviously I’m mostly known for my fetish/ hardcore movies. But I still love and appreciate simple things like beautiful women in beaver dams. So sign up for my website and jack off to all my pervy photos and movies.



It has been a while since I’ve posted anything here, twitter has totally sucked my brain out. I’ve also been out of SF for the last week visiting my sweetheart and playing a ton of music in the country.

So heres the update on my life.

10 days ago I turned 29 years old. Wow, that crept up on me. Crazy year, full of good, mostly. For my birthday I decided to make a movie about my birthday, which was kind of postmodern. By postmodern I mean the act of making a fantasy movie about ones birthday on ones birthday is kind of postmodern, or at least I think it is.

Anyways, the thing that is so bizarre to me about birthdays is that you can pretty much demand whatever the fuck you want out of people and they will probably oblige you. So…I thought my birthday would be an excellent time to shoot a movie that Hollie Stevens and I had been scheming to make.


It involved Kim Kills, a horse costume and accompanying 3 ft 8lb cock, a farm, birthday cake , Hollie Stevens, bondage, myself and the nature. Oh, and then some weird SM that was kind of mean and personal which made it really fun, and sex with Hollie which is also fun. I’ll probably write more about this soon because the shoot was really amazing and deserves to be dealt with properly.

Then…I celebrated my birthday with friends off camera and promptly decided to go see my girlfriend and atone for my sins and do nice things and play chopin. And garden.

Oh yeah, so here’s whats been going on with my website. Just released the third video of my shoot with Princess Donna, hot stuff. Bondage, severe whipping, hard throat fucking, ass fucking with hands and strap on, lovely gaping butthole, such tender moments to share with you. I look like shit by the end of it, but I think that its hot when girls get demolished and look like it, so I hope you do too. Donna looks pretty the whole time though, so at least one girl is pretty the whole time. That is my compromise to the world and my promise: 50% of the models in my scenes or more will look hot all the time. Deal?


Also recently posted videos of a 3 way with Hollie Stevens and Juliette Stray (babes!) as well as a video with just Hollie and myself. So you know, lots of hot pervy women banging and having kinky sex with my own subtle sense of sarcasm, humor and visual style thrown in the mix. Thats what I like. Give me your money and I will do it more.

Not on my website, but on another porn site, a competitor (ghasp!)s site I shot a rocking 3 way with Juliettte and Kimberly where I play the piano ( badly ) while getting a blowjob. That’s on go buy that scene and tell me how it is, the trailer looks cool and the sex was definitely hot. You’ve seen both of those gals on my site a bunch, now watch what other directors have them do.

I will be leaving the Portland area on Friday to go back to San Francisco where exciting times are sure to come.


Recently Wendy Williams interviewed me via email and she has posted the interview on her blog. Thanks for doing this Wendy!
Pushing Boundaries in Shemale Porn: an interview with Mandy Mitchell

Feel free to post any follow up questions. 🙂

So right now on Shemale club you can find my first Bareback scene with a guy, ever. Not even my first time on camera, this is actually the first time I ever let a guy fuck me without a condom. I’m not sure why I chose this moment in particular to go bagless, just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I’ve been treated so well by Shemale Club I thought it would be perfect to use my debut hardcore scene on Shemale Club as an opportunity to try something new. I had so much fun shooting this scene and I think it looks really hot. Here are a couple photos from the shoot, I hope you like them.

I’ve been having a killer week in Los Angeles. I shot a smoking hot three way on Monday for America’s Next Top Tranny 5, and I’ve been shooting all week for my site and Shemaleclub. I’ve been super busy and I’ll have more time to share about my trip very soon.

For now here are a couple of hot photos from my photo shoot today with Violet. It was such a fun shoot, Violet was a great time and the photos turned out really sexy. So here are a couple, I’m a flight attendant and Violet is a cop. I’ll let your mind wonder about what crazy scenario that might involve.



This set and many more will be appearing on my site in the very near future.

Mandy all dolled up

Mandy all dolled up

Today is one of the hottest days of the year in Portland, supposedly. Rather than go outside and bake I’m inside editing some photos and listening to Nina Simone’s “compact Jazz” album. I really love this album, I’ve listened through it twice today already.

Here are a couple photos  from the sets  I’m editing. They were taken on my last trip to LA, it was my first time ever having a hair and makeup artist on one of my shoots (I’ve had makeup done at before, but never glam like this). I’m definitely used to being less made up, but I thought it looked good, and will probably do more like it in the future.

If all goes well the new site should launch in the next week or two. Fingers crossed.

my butt

my butt

Me as "dildroid"

Me as "dildroid"

I’m in Brooklyn tonight, enjoying a well earned respite after what has perhaps been the most demanding (and one of the most rewarding) shoots of my career. I’ve been holed up for the past week working on Tara Emory’s sci-fi epic Uranus Needs Shemales (Emorex Productions). In Uranus needs Shemales I play a robot companion to a Shemale space commander. It was definitely the first time in my porn career that I’ve ever had to learn a script and seriously try to act a part, generally I just rely on my wit to improv whatever dialogue is needed for a scene to work,  if any at all.

Working with Tara was fantastic, the sets were incredible, the costumes were brutally constructed and visually stunning, and the sex scenes were really nasty (lets just say Shemales in Space do really dirty things to each other…) Every night I was bolted into my robot body, never in my life would I have imagined a corset with nuts and bolts, and everynight was a test of endurance to see how long I could stay n the outfit.  It was challenging to say the least. I just kept telling myself that it is ok to suffer for art, or peoples boners.

The scope of the project is really ambitious, and Tara is brilliant, I’m really looking forward to the day that this movie is completed.

Tonight I’m in Brooklyn, tomorrow I head south to spend a week in Tennessee with some of my closest friends, making music and having a much needed break from work.

Here are some sneak peek photos of my shoot for Uranus Needs Shemales, I’m looking forward to working with Tara again perhaps for my website sometime very soon.

Shemales in Space