I would be eternally greatful if you could construct a travel device that would be a door from my bedroom in San Fransisco to my lovers bedroom in the woods. I will do anything for the scientist inventor who can make this fantasy a reality.


2 Responses to “Dear inventor mad scientist genius nerd.”

  1. Denny Sears Says:

    Let’s talk about it. If you’re serious. This is not a come on and it would be done just as a favor.

  2. curtis bachman Says:

    Mandy, My Name is Curtis and I am your age. I have to let you know; all my past girls loved bad boys- and came unto me. I am a college grad (BS- Behaivorial and social science)I am a busy body who feeds on new experiences. My application is at kink.com i.e. t.s seduction. Your self analysis is correct there is not another t.s. like you! Know that! I have been keeping up with eros and affilates waiting to pick up what you are throwing down. Every blog entry I’m like “finally, someone gets it … the craigslist enty, awesome. I CAN BUILD THAT DOOR. THE DOOR MADE OF WOOD THAT MIGHT BE USED BY A KNOME. or any specifics you would like (glory holes, etc.) We think the same. My quest is to be on call 24/7 for every scenerio I have seen, and i have a monster of an idea, fun and profitable. I am going to call you because I just found The financial investment that I have sought scince 2005. and I can back every word. Just thought my ability to construct the door would grab you attention fast. because i am the new guy, Curtis who is full of love, but will write a scenerio or act (well) and down to be a sub or domme, and I love Women who love to get down with t.s.’s and men. I love all i have seen, cant say what i like the most ’cause I love your demeanor. I am six foot, white, well endowed with girth, shaved head, shaved body and ready to invest and get to work. FYI- ultimate fantasy a t.s. bukkake scenerio including men that are hung and domme. and women doing anything!