I’m back home in the Pacific Northwest after a grueling 2 week roadtrip (3,350 miles in my car) in which I shot a ton of new and highly original content for my site. I shot a couple of solo scenes as well as a hardcore scene with my friend Muffy, who is 8 months pregnant.


I originally met Muffy about a year ago at a bar, she was rolling around on the floor making out with my friend Eve and I gave her a ride home from the bar. After that we became friends and I had a nice little crush on her. Hot and smart always gets me.  A couple months went by and she told me she was pregnant (she had been trying to conceive when we met) and mentioned that she thought it would be fun to do something with me when she was further along in her pregnancy. Well, 7 months went by and I kind of forgot all about it. Then I bumped into her at the Folsom St. fair, and she mentioned that she was still interested in shooting a scene with me if I was interested. Of course I was!


It took me a while to find a director who was willing to shoot us, but eventually we settled on having Danielle Foxx shoot the scene. Danielle made alot of sense, she had worked with both Muffy and I in the past when she was shooting content for Sammy Mancini and we both enjoyed working with her. Lately I’ve been really into working on movies with all women cast and crew. First my scene with Juliette then this scene with Muffy. I feel like I’m more relaxed and able to enjoy the sexual energy present. Anyways, Muffy and I shot a killer scene and it will be up on my site soon.
As far as I’m aware this is the first Tranny/pregnant woman porn, at least I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it. I could be wrong.

If you want to see more of Muffy, she also shot a scene with Syd Blackovitch for a movie Madison Young is producing on pregnant sexuality. That is sure to be hot as well, and will be released through Good Vibrations (I think)


Photos and video will be up on Mandy-Mitchell.com soon.

8 Responses to “Did you ever think you’d see a TS with a hot pregnant lady?”

  1. Greg Says:

    I hate to tell you, but there is a Brazilian scene out there with a Tranny and pregnant woman. I don’t know who the Brazilian Tranny was, but I have seen. However, I am sure that does not diminish the excellence of your efforts.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Yeah, I found that scene after I wrote this also. But I’m definitely the only American porn star to have done so. Not that nationality really matters when it comes to doing something new.

  3. Peter Says:

    Hello Mandy,
    I appreciate that You enjoy “lesbian” sex. What about You topped, dominated and banged hard by super hot butch Syd Blakovich (or gorgeous Isis Love, a hot woman with beautiful sexy feet who knows how to use a strapon) with a huge strapon! This would surely be a killer scene too.

  4. Mandy Says:

    Yes Peter, I plan on having several scenes of me getting topped in the near future. I’ve never met Syd Blackovich but Muffy had very good things to say about them as we drove down to California, and I would love to get dominated by Isis Love someday (believe me this has been something I’ve thought about more than a few times). I’m in the process of moving to San Fransisco where I will hopefully be able to set up a few wild hardcore scenes with me submitting and getting my ass destroyed. 🙂 Be patient, I promise you will get what you want.

  5. matt Says:

    Mandy I have to say, you are THE hottest little thing I have ever scene. I wish you could do a scene with me. Some Amature hardcore stuff. DAMN!!

  6. matt Says:

    You are one of THE sexiest little things I have ever scene!!

  7. stannate Says:

    First, Juliette (and her amazing tits). Now, Muffy. I continue to be wowed by the unique scenes you are providing for our enjoyment and yours! When you make it to SF, I hope that you can do a scene with Madison Young, as I see that you both love rope and roleplay, that you are both bursting with creative porn ideas, and of course, you are both hotter than hell.

  8. thewalll Says:

    Mandy – You are veyr stimulaing and your sexuality would force the limpest among us to rise when seeing you.

    However, I happened to watch the trailer on the Interacial Sex website, and I must admit the ease with which you managed that scene was far beyond impressive.

    For anyone who enjoys Mandy’es essence I highly recommend viewing the trailer.