I had such wonderful dreams this morning, the kind that you wake up from and then fall back asleep and re-enter. I dreamed that I was in a shopping mall with a friend and we were for some reason in a jewlery store, when a beautiful dark haired woman proceeded to instruct me on helping her steal diamonds. I distracted the sales clerk, she cut a hole in the glass case and stole all the jewlery. In the confusion of alarms she handed me the bag of loot and told me to meet up with her elsewhere, and I smoothly left the building. Once I got outside I was greeted by many friends that I’ve missed lately, only I couldn’t find my car to make a get – a- way. So I had to go back in the mall. Fortunately I met up with my dark-haired thief companion, and though we didn’t have a car we still managed to get away.

I’m not sure why exactly this constitutes a good dream for me, yet I enjoyed it tremendously. I’m sure many people would be stressed out by such things, yet I felt a sense of peace and happiness in my dream. Maybe I need a little more excitement in my life.

3 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I love that you wrote about this. Kind of uncharacteristic for the kind of site you run. I like that.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Thanks. I take that as a compliment.

  3. Steven Says:

    I’ve heard many speculate on dreams. At least it was a fun experience. I never dream much (many say its because I shove that part of my mind out in stories/writing)…but yours sounds like escapism…doing something, getting away, peace. Godo work if ya can get it 🙂