I’m back on the west coast and taking it easy after an amazingly debaucherous week in Tennessee. Every year I meet up with some of my closest friends from around the country in Tennessee for a week of visiting, kinky fun, and music making. Since I sprained my ankle right before I arrived I was really worried that my time would be a total drag. I won’t lie, it was very difficult having an injury and having to sleep in a tent and use an outhouse for a week, but I had a great time in spite of it all. There were some amazing playparties throughout the time I was there, on a swingset converted into a BDSM playground.

I had a lovely time getting tied up, with my injured ankle suspended and my hands above my head, then getting a fantastic whipping with a single tail. Nick Cave’s album the boatmans call was played on a little rockbox and after a little while a crowd gathered to watch. Something about being outdoors, fireflies and humidity, thunder and lightning off and the distance, and the sorrowful sounds of Nick Cave really made the experience one to remember. And then there was the beating. I know a lot of people aren’t necessarily comfortable with BDSM or don’t get it, which is cool, but goddamn I enjoyed the hell out of myself. It has been 3 years since I’ve been able to get marked in any way because of my need to have a blemish free body for work, but I just decided to let go and enjoy myself. After being brutalized I was cared for tenderly, and then the most amazing thing happened, a fantastic band showed up and started playing music off to the side of the play party. I have a real fetish for live music and kinky sex, I used to convince a shy friend of mine to play the fiddle while I would fist my girlfriend, he would pretend to be uncomfortable but he always agreed to do it. Having the pleasure of an entire band playing great music while people were fucking all around was a dream come true, and I didn’t even have to orchestrate it. Now if only I had caught the whole thing on tape….sigh.

Now I’m home and planning my next big adventure, and preparing for a possible surgery on the 8th of July (fingers crossed). Fortunately a sprained ankle won’t keep me out of comission for too long.

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