Hi there, thanks for checking out my new website. From now on I will be using this blog to share a little bit about my day to day life, as well as projects that I’m working on and maybe some sneak peeks at upcoming material.

I’m very excited to be launching my new official solo site mandy-mitchell.com. After 2 and a half years struggling to make my previous site (mandytgirl.com) work (long story short I just couldn’t go much further with the business arrangement I had) I decided to stop updating and try and build something completely different with a more web savy and professional company. I never got into porn to show off my skills as a web designer, or video editor for that matter, and I felt like I could really improve the quality of my material if I worked with a good team. I want to focus my time and energy on making movies and interacting with my fans, not staring at code.  So I decided to work with the lovely people at SMC revenue (Shemale-club.com, private transexual.com, tsjesse.com, etc….) since I had already been working with them quite a bit on different content swaps and had always been impressed by the tight ship they ran.

So here I am. New blog, new website, sleeker look, better content. I hope everyone enjoys all the hard work that has been put into this.

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2 Responses to “Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my new site”

  1. Jacktors Says:

    I appreciate it but is it going to be a true fan forum with you as mod or another pay for access?
    $30 a month was way too tough for me to swing over at mandy tgirl

  2. Mandy Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean. Yes this will be a site that you have to pay for, otherwise I would have to do something radically different with my life, and you would see no more of me. As it is, the fee for my new site will be quite reasonable, and the content will hopefully be drastically improved, as well as the customer service.