biting hotness

So as you are all probably aware by now, I have a thing for babes. Especially smart ones. Especially smart, cute, and sexually adventurous ones. Lucky for me I ended up shooting 22 y/o tattoed alt babe Sparky Sin Claire.


Sparky and I hit it off immediately, I could tell we were gonna have really great chemistry on set, and it was banging. Lots of foot worship, oral gratification, fucking and a little bit of rough-housing. I especially enjoyed the 69 foot worship and then sucking her feet while I fucked her. Very cool. Sparky has awesome small boobs, just like mine, which is a major turn on for me, as well as a banging booty (and I’m a major lover of the booty). So I’m just gonna have to see alot more of her.


Afterwards we decided to hang out a bit and get to know each other, and like I suspected Sparky is one rad lady. Gracious, smart, good sense of humor and a really refreshing outlook on doing adult work. She’s really open about her desire to work with TS ladies and I’m super excited to have popped her tranny cherry on screen.


Things went so well we decided to shoot together again, and she’s flying up to the Pacific Northwest for a 3 way with me and Hollie Stevens. Holy shit its gonna be out of control hot and fun.


So here’s some preview pics, some of my fave’s from the set. Sign up for my site, support my work and continued commitment to making hot lez tranny porn like nobody else has ever done.


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  1. Peter Says:

    Mandy you are the hottest barefoot lesbian tranny!