Today I am hungover. My head is throbbing from one too many shots of whiskey. I ended up at the armory last night for the holiday party. I am not an employee of, but enough of my friends are that I was talked in to going. It was funny because I didn’t tell anyone my stage name while I was there, instead I just had a fun time and enjoyed the party. It was nice meeting a lot of the models, I couldn’t believe how incredibly hot some of them were. I did get progressively rowdy as I got drunk (something I very rarely do) and ended up growling at people by the end of the evening. Kind of funny cause I’m normally very composed. I also got a chance to hang out much of the evening with Juliette (aka the Intruder) which was alot of fun, she’s such a whore. Tomorrow we should be shooting a scene together for Sammy Mancini.Today I just hope my head stops pounding sometime soon.

2 Responses to “Hungover”

  1. Jemal Says:


    Usually, too many whiskey shots can make you do things like growl in public. That’s why I usually have a few shots at home while watching my favorite dvd. You’re always welcome to join me when you’re in Chicago.

  2. Mandy Says:

    I really enjoyed growling at people. 🙂