I moved to San Francisco and left my piano behind. I miss it, I hear it misses me too. It is ok because my piano and I are in an open relationship and soon I will find a new piano to occupy my time while I’m away. Wonder what it is I practice during the long dark nights? I’ve been obsessed with this piece by Listz for a very long time, I miss it.


5 Responses to “I miss my piano”

  1. Carole Says:

    Mandy have you ever considered a hot little keyboard to fondle. They’re much more practical then a boy friend, they’re sort of like a friendly personal massager. :}

  2. Mandy Says:

    No, keyboards irritate me. I’m musically monogamous, I play the piano and I do not allow for deviations.

  3. Andre Says:

    Is you playing in this video? Nice piece, indeed.

  4. Mandy Says:

    No, that is not me. I wish it was, I still have a long way to go on this piece. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll get a clip of me on the piano online for my fans to watch.


  5. Mamdy Says:

    mandy u r HOT