I’m used to living a very active lifestyle and am generally used to getting alot of excersice. I’m not used to being injured and sitting around all day long. My ankle is healing, slowly but surely, and I am very much ready to go and hike up a mountain or do some labor intensive garden project. Living in the country when you can’t walk very far sucks. Not much to do but masturbate, fuck, read, cook and play piano. Today I’m going to play Chopin’s Ballade in C# until my hands burn and then try and water my vegetable garden.

I think the most annoying thing about having a busted ankle right now, is that I’m about to get surgery to have my adams apple removed (finally) and then it will be another couple weeks to a month of avoiding strenuous activity.

One Response to “Injuries are boring”

  1. Andre Says:

    Stay up!
    A kiss from Italy…