Hollie Stevens and I are continuing our 2 month long road trip through the United States today by driving from Kill Devils Hill, NC all the way down to Miami. Days like today make me wish Hollie had a drivers license. Anyways, last couple of days have been spent driving (go figure) and we also shot a BDSM scene together for KisforKink where we brutalized a sissy. Then I tortured a guy with whips, canes, clothespins, and a cattleprod (Finally it was me using it on someone rather than being tortured with it) and made fun of him for not being able to figure out a fucking machine. Here’s a youtube clip of me interviewing Hollie on set:

Now we gotta go find some breakfast in this sleepy little town on the Outer Banks of N. Carolina and hopefully get out of the hotel before Hollie beats the staff to death, they’ve been real dipshits. If anyone works for the Ramada, tell your nightclerk to get stoned somewhere he can keep an eye on the front desk so weary travelers don’t have to sit in the lobby for an hour waiting. Also, our room had flies. Yuck. So….time to drive. 🙂

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  1. AdultTalentList.com Says:

    2 month road trip? You guys are hardcore.