I don’t care what anybody thinks or says I am totally sold on the sexiness of a hot steaming rosebud.

This is so cool.



8 Responses to “Roxy Raye prolapse on my face!”

  1. MarCus Says:

    I like the way you think!!! And I agree. Maybe I can taste yours sometime. Let me know the next time you come to San Francisco, I’ll happily lend you my tongue.

  2. Clairese Says:


    This is a sure method to contract a major bacterial infection. It doesn’t matter how many times a colon is flushed, you are exposing yourself to the same bacteria that would be present had they taken a dump on your plate and you just chowed down on their feces.

    Surely you can find a more safe way to enjoy sex together.

  3. Mandy Says:

    Not that I remember asking for your advice on my sex life, but I’d happily take whatever bug came from her prolapse. Obviously I am aware of what happens to my body, seeing how I do this sort of thing on the regular. Have fun being a square.

  4. Jezza Says:

    This i /dig. Love it Mandy 🙂

  5. Troy Says:

    Mandy, this is so hot to penetrate a rosebud…so beautiful and sexy. You’re awesome!

  6. Nyx Says:

    Best I’ve seen in a while!

  7. dan Says:

    mandy you are great and im a fan of doing anal

  8. cj Says:

    mandy i would lick ur ass for hours…ur so hot.