I just finished a lovely day of shooting with Hollie Stevens and Juliette Stray. Juliette introduced me to Hollie a while back and ever since I’ve been planning a date to get them both in the studio. Hollie is such a babe, I’m really glad Juliette introduced us, and shooting with both of them was good fun.


8 Responses to “some photos from today”

  1. Juliette Stray Says:

    I had so much fun with you two today. I’m SO happy the two of you had fun and had a good shoot. I can hardly wait to see the rest — those pictures look great!

  2. Mandy Says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Hollie and coming down to LA to shoot with me again. You are by far my favorite TS to work with, high five.

  3. Peter Says:

    What a perfect looking kinky lesbian couple! Super sub Mandy dominated this time by gorgeous Hollie Stevens, simply great. For those who want to see Mandy, the personification of a real submissive, masochistic, pain loving, kinky lesbian tgirl, I can only recommend to join her site!

  4. John Harris Says:

    Mandy you are by far the hottest TS I have EVER seen! Keep up the great work! It makes me so hot for you.

  5. Amie Says:


  6. Londubh2005 Says:

    Gotta ask a question. Were you at a robot event in San Mateo on the 25th April. There was a slim girl, for whom it took ne a while to work out was TG, staffing one of the stalls. Was it you?

  7. londubh2005 Says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Geeky question here. Were you at a robotics event in San Mateo on Sunday April 25th?

    There was a girl, probably TS, staffing a stall there who looked a lot like you.

  8. Mandy Says: