I adore Sparky. We were running amok in San Francisco for gay pride earlier in the year and she wore a bright bubblegum pink wig the entire time. I became fixated. A few weeks later we both happened to be in LA at the same time and I demanded she dress up in 1920’s flapper costumes with me and wear her pink wig.

I’m really pleased to have her back on my site, its been far too long. I really love that my job involves paying my super hot friends to dress up in whatever I ask and service me sexually. I’m a lucky girl.

That said, Sparky is a fantastic performer and a mega babe: for proof of this I give you this photo. She looks damn good with my cock in between her lips.

One Response to “Sparky Sin Claire returns for sex.”

  1. michael g.b. Says:

    Mandy . . The Roaring Twenties “Flapper Gear” loks super sexy on You . . You wear it well . . .:)