1 month, 6,000 miles and 31 States later and I’m still on the road with Hollie Stevens. Lots has happened, for a thoroughly entertaining encapsulation of much of it I highly recommend reading Hollie’s blog as she is a much more dedicated blogger than I am (I’m also the only driver, which might explain some of my inability to write).

This week I’m in Austin, TX one of my alltime favorite cities, visiting with very old friends. So far my week has been absolutely dreamy, good food, very fulfilling visits with friends who I deeply love, swimming, canoeing and lots of fun with Hollie. Soon we will be leaving for Las Vegas where we are planning a shoot together (One that we have been planning for quite some time and I’m really excited about!), also Hollie will be doing some Fetish work while there, and then we are going to celebrate Haloween Las Vegas style.

Lately I’ve been feeling a sense of possibility and interest in the future that only the road can bring me. Re-visiting all of the amazing people and places in this country that I rarely get to see has reminded me that there is so much more to life than the porn industry, and the West Coast. Its good to get these reminders once in a while, that life is much much bigger than my little porno bubble in San Francisco.

Not really looking forward to the long ass drive to Las Vegas, 21 hours, yikes. Fortunately I have probably the most entertaining company anyone could hope for. So that’s my story. Life is pretty damn awesome these days.

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