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“Do you cum?”

My least favorite question, one which I probably wouldn’t have to answer if it wasn’t for porn shoots I’ve done for certain companies over the years involving absurdly faked cum shots (surprised? Don’t be some of your favorite companies do it all the time!). On average I get asked that question probably 2 times a day and rarely does it make me feel good about my body, which generally means it makes me hate whomever asks.

See I was castrated at a young age, by choice. I felt it was the best thing I could do for my transition and it is largely responsible for why I have such a feminine appearance without the trappings of transexual surgical procedures (not knocking my sisters who pursue that route, just not my choice). At the time of my procedure I just felt like balls were not something I wanted attached to my body, I wanted (and still do) to be a girl like all my other friends and testes didn’t belong on me. My family begged me not to, my lovers didn’t want me to, I didn’t care. I did it for me. Little did I know that one day I would end up in a line of work where people would be dissapointed that I didn’t have balls or splooge.

So yeah some companies and directors won’t hire me, because they assume that every fan of TS porn is only interested in cum, and “nobody can tell” when I’m having a real orgasm. I think this is funny because last I checked no other TS model has ever had 10+ orgasms in a single scene. To my loyal fans this just makes me special, and I love that so many of you appreciate that about me.

Still…I think its pretty sad that certain companies place such an emphasis on cumshots, especially when so many TS women are just not able to pop. Girls stop taking their hormones, go crazy, hate their bodies, why? Because some dickhead director assumes that every fan is only interested in cum. As a rule, I will never again work for a company which requires me to fake an orgasm when I am a multi orgasmic woman. I’m proud of my body and my prowess as a lover and I actually fucking hate all of you who made me do it, yeah it sold your scenes, but I’ve had to deal with dissapointed fans for the last 5 years now when they realize its a lie. Fortunately some of my favorite directors and companies would never ask me to fake it and I have plenty of fans who think I’m super hot regardless.

So back to my day to day life. For the record, for now and forever, if you ask me if I can have an orgasm the answer is yes. I can. More than just about anyone you know or have ever met. But I don’t produce semen and never will. Do not ask me, do not try and shame me or put me down. I’m just too cool of a chick to be feeling bad because I can’t give you semen. Sorry. I’m a girl, and I don’t have semen. If its that important just go to the gay bar and suck a dick or 10 its free and lots of sploogey goodness.

End rant. Love…Mandy Mitchell