This is my friend Tori Lux. She is very pretty and I wanted to do dirty things to her on camera. Not only does she have a really pretty face and body, she can do special things with her butthole, she is ferocious, and I’m very fond of her.


This is Danni Daniels. She is a TS friend of mine who is special, kind of like how I’m special. I won’t get into that, because she also has a really big….

prescence. And you don’t need me to tell you about that.

I took these two special people , told them both to show up to Jay Sin’s house at the same time, and jumped in the middle of them! Raunchy fun with friends. And double penetration. And Danni’s wiener is huge.

One Response to “Tori Lux and (TS) Danni Daniels perversion time”

  1. dan Says:

    tori is amazing omg can i have some fun lol no but very great