I could cave in and get a twitter account, but I won’t. At least not this week, I have a blog dammit.

Today I feel much better than yesterday, I’m eating: soup, mash potatoes, a grilled cheese sandwich, mmm…I love food. Taking lots of pain pills and watching tons of movies, Jackie Brown earlier (Pam Greer is such a fox, I’m in love) and tonight will be season 2 of Secret Diary of  a Call Girl. I’m entering day 3 of not smoking, which would normally mean I would be a raging bitch, but I’m very mellow due to the painkillers and surgery, so I have no complaints.

Wonder what I’m listening to while typing this confusing mess?  Here is my Itunes playlist:
Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out :   Sam Cooke
Roots : Devendra Banhart
Before Believing:  Emmylou Harris
Campus:    Vampire Weekend
Babe, You Turn Me On : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  PM
Bunny Ain’t No Kind Of Rider :   Of Montreal

7 Responses to “Who needs Twitter? I’ve got a blog.”

  1. Angie Says:

    Sounds like you’re recovering well – try having a cold milkshake or lassi, thet’re nutritious and the cold will sooth the soreness in your throat.

    And congrats on staying smoke-free !

  2. Pilosh Says:

    Glad to know the procedure went well. My girlfriend (post-op) has thought about having it done also. She told me how they do it and I was like OMG I did not want to envision that!

    A milkshake may be ok if it’s diluted. Yogurt might be better. I’ve hurt my throat trying to suck milkshakes through a straw.

    P.S. I LOVE the tat on your back, Mandy! That is so awesome, but what I am dieing to find out… is it a TTX, Pacer, or other rr? Hopefully you can post an answer to that. Now you know I’m “on the level” by knowing exactly what it is. In fact, I might have to get a tank car tat now cuz’ of you.

  3. Mandy Says:

    I’m glad you like the train tattoo, I don’t remember which kind of container was on the photo the tat is modeled after. I took the photo outside of Helena on the Montana low line originally, and the container itself was irrelevant to the meaning of the tattoo. More important at the time, was the symbolism of the type of car it was, though only train hoppers would really get it.

  4. playpaul Says:

    Wow… Nice playlist Mandy! You are an Indie lover! Also I’m listening to Soul, funk and indie. I love MGMT, do you?
    And do You know my fav directors: Wes Anderson? He made movies like The Royal Tenenbaum and The Darjeling Limited…. see You
    and compliments… You are so cool in Your movie! Kisses. P

  5. Mandy Says:

    MGMT? Not sure I know what the acronym stands for.

    As for Wes Anderson films, I was semi obsessed with Bottle Rocket when it first came out and I really loved Rushmore and The Royal Tennenbaums. Didn’t love the Life Aquatic nearly as much, though the soundtrack was still gold.

  6. Playpaul Says:

    Hi Mandy!
    Sorry for delay but I was so busy.
    MGMT ( management): NYC Indie group at first and beautiful album. I really like him. I suggest U to meet them on their website here http://www.whoismgmt.com

    Another director I very like is Michel Gondry ( the sunshine of spotless mind, be kin rewind, ecc) and Jared Hess ( Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre…) and Zach Braff! Do You?

    Bye bye see U soon and have a nice day!!
    Kisses from Italy

  7. Allan Mattos Says:

    Hi Mandy ! yes , i know , many peoople come here and says love you and i ‘m is one more for your collection !
    SORRY MY terrible english , i’m Brazilian guy , who about 1 year ago discover you , since that i start to love you !i want know if i can have anny contact whit you .
    big kiss ! you are perfect !
    ( again sorry my english !!! )